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  3. #3. When Might We See The Full Movie, John Wick: Chapter 4? 

Everything About John Wick 4 Trailer: What Has It Revealed?

The wait is officially over. The long-awaited Keanu Reeves' movie John Wick Chapter 4 is officially making its way to the theater after more than 3 years from its predecessor, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum in 2019. The official John Wick 4 trailer just premiered worldwide and reveals the exciting details of the movie. 
In this post, we explain everything we have acknowledged of the fourth movie. 

#1. What To Expect From The Trailer 

 john wick 4 trailer explained Source: Lionsgate

In the last film, John Wick was abandoned on the run after being apparently betrayed by Winston. In fact, Winston did not leave him and it is proved in the newly-released trailer. At the opening of the trailer, Winston suggests John a way out of his crazily insane assassin life, which links to fighting against a French guy that Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard plays. Ian McShane will return as Winston and act opposite Reeves once again. Laurence Fishburn also reprises his role as Bowery King. Previously, Fishburn and Reeves both starred in the Matrix franchise. 
Hiroyuki Sanada, a real friend of Reeves, will make his debut in the movie as one of the secret assassins around the world. In fact, he almost got cast in the previous movie, John Wick 3. However, it did not turn out to be happening. Fortunately, in the upcoming movie, the Japanese star will have a chance to perform alongside his friend. 
The theme of the whole franchise is dark, mysterious and violent. It is filled with action scenes, guns and weapons, clubs, punches and most significantly, coolness. Obviously, these elements will remain in the upcoming movie. Seemingly, our favorite widowed widower will not retire anytime soon since the next movie, John Wick 5 is already in the making. 

#2. There Are Several Things To Anticipate 

 john wick 4 trailer officialSource: Lionsgate

The trailer features the legendary song Season In The Sun. The song was originally released by Terry Jacks in 1974 and was rereleased by several artists including the popular Irish boy band Westlife. The lyrics of the song surprisingly fit the story of John. “Goodbye my friend, it's hard to die. When all the birds are singing in the sky…We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun…” Significantly, the song has been remastered as a new version that sounds more cinematic and haunting. Especially with the verse “it’s hard to die” keeps replaying. The movie also reveals a new setting in Paris, France. Which means the character will have to work abroad. 

#3. When Might We See The Full Movie, John Wick: Chapter 4? 

 john wick 4 trailer release dateSource: Lionsgate

John Wick 4 Trailer release date is November 11, 2022. Previously, a few teaser photos were released by Lionsgate on official social accounts. The commercial and critical success of the franchise guard the renewal of the fourth and fifth movie. However, due to the pandemic which affects the whole movie industry, the movie was postponed several times. It was planned to premiere in May 2022 but the filming schedule was rescheduled because of the starring actor’s other projects. Officially, the movie will be in the theater in March 2023. Then, we will have a chance to reunite with the world's nicest man
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