13 Famous People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products and Are Satisfied With It

What's the key to looking and feeling young and healthy in Hollywood? There are various types of diets that meet the preferences of each person. However, if you asked any of these 13 celebrities, they'd most likely tell you it had something to do with their diet. Furthermore, they are also concerned about the environment or animals, so they decide to avoid eating meat.
These celebrities, from Katy Perry to Joaquin Phoenix, have all decided to give up eating meat in favor of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Animal abuse is one of the reasons that make Sia quit eating meat because she cared about them. Environmental considerations also enter the picture, with celebrities,like Rooney Mara launching her vegan clothing and accessories brand to protect the environment.
Here are 13 famous people that all have a motivation for adopting a plant-based diet as a part of their way of life, whether they are vegetarians or vegans.

#1 Anya Taylor-Joy

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Anya Taylor-JoySource: @anyataylorjoy

The actor of the famous Netflix series The Queen's Gambit revealed that she has been a vegetarian since the age of 8. She has also stated that she was a vegan for a long time since it is the most environmentally aware choice; however, she now eats vegan as much as possible.

#2 Elliot Page

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Elliot PageSource: Invision/Invision/East News

Elliot has been a vegan for over a decade. The actor frequently speaks out to support increasing animal protection and the injustices facing farmed animals. He asked on Twitter in 2011 why people make fun of vegans. In 2014, the actor was awarded "World's Sexiest Vegan."

#3 Evanna Lynch

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Evanna LynchSource: @evannalynch

Evanna hosts a podcast called The ChickPeeps where she attempts to inform people about the vegan lifestyle and has open talks with animal rights activists. She became a vegetarian at 11 because she hated the thought of eating meat, and she became a vegan in 2014.

#4 James Cameron

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, James CameronSource: MARCOCCHI GIULIO / SIPA / EAST NEWS

James Cameron chose to go vegan due to his concern for the environment and the advantages he believes this diet provides. The famous director says that he has not become ill since changing to a plant-based diet.
He is so dedicated to this diet that he served as executive producer of the documentary Radical Change, in which he discusses the vegan diet among athletes.

#5 Jessica Chastain

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Jessica ChastainSource: © PopularImages /

Jessica Chastain did not want to become a vegan, but it was the result of listening to her body. The actress revealed that in her twenties, she had little energy and very high cholesterol, so one solution was to switch to a fully plant-based diet.

#6 Joaquín Phoenix

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Joaquín PhoenixSource: Mary Evans/Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot/ East News

At age 4, Joaquin Phoenix was aware that he did not want to eat animal products because he felt so sorry for them. The actor frequently uses his influence to advocate for animal rights and environmental protection, as he did in his Oscar acceptance speech for best actor.
The actor has worked with organizations such as PETA and was the producer of the documentary Gunda, which examines farm animals' lives.

#7 Katy Perry

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Katy PerrySource: @katyperry

Katy Perry declared on her Twitter account in early 2021 that she was 95% ready to go vegan. Even though the reasons for her decision are unknown, the singer has proved her concern for the food industry by investing in Impossible Foods.
This company is committed to developing meat and dairy substitutes that will eliminate the need for meat and other animal-based foods.

#8 Lewis Hamilton

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Lewis HamiltonSource: lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, a motor racing driver, decided to go plant-based for two reasons: to live the healthiest lifestyle possible and to avoid harming the environment. He had kept this diet and joined causes that promote veganism since then, such as when he was the executive producer for the documentary Radical Change in 2018.

#9 Lizzo

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, LizzoSource: Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

In June 2020, the 34-year-old singer went vegan. Lizzo said that she enjoys experimenting with plant flavors and plant-based proteins. She frequently posts videos of her meals on TikTok, usually for breakfast or dinner. “I feel very lit and full,” she says.

#10 Rooney Mara

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Rooney MaraSource: hawtcelebs

Rooney Mara tried to be a vegetarian since she was nine years old, but it wasn't until she was an adult that she started to go vegan after watching videos about how animal-based foods are obtained.
After realizing how difficult it is to find vegan clothing, she entered the fashion world by launching her vegan clothing and accessories brand.

#11 Ruby Rose

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, Ruby RoseSource: @rubyrose

The actress who played in the Batwoman series has shown that she is a superhero for animals in real life. When she discovered where to get shark fin soup as a child, Ruby Rose decided to follow a vegan diet.

#12 Sia

People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, SiaSource: terra

Sia confirmed her veganism in 2014. Since then, she has shown her advocacy to express her love for animals. She has worked with PETA, for instance, to reduce the number of stray animals, and she even wrote the song "Free the Animal" for campaigns in favor of cruelty-free fashion.


People Who Avoid Eating Animal Products, will.i.amSource: © Jean_Nelson /

The rapper and Black Eyed Peas founder began his vegan diet for health reasons. The singer's high cholesterol and high blood pressure issues were resolved by going vegan. Although first, his motivation was not to avoid consuming animals, he claims that later on, he learned he did not need them to feed himself.
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