20+ Cool Cartoon Details We Kept Missing For Years

Cartoons are an unforgettable part of our childhood. However, as a kid, we just concentrated on pictures but don’t notice many details. These Easter eggs are deliciously secretive and interesting for us to chomp on. Whenever someone reveals the secrets about our favorite movies, we tend to rewatch them and then have to say “ Aha! That’s something new!”.
The Toy Story series is one of the brightest examples. It is full of delightful hidden things that only eagle-eyed fans can spot. In addition to it, there are plenty of Movies,hiding cool details that certainly make fans say wow. Maybe animators intentionally leave Easter eggs to have a little fun for viewers.
We've gathered some details from cartoons we never noticed before

#1 In Hercules, when Pain and Panic are turning Hercules into a mortal, the potion has skulls in the bubbles.

Source: © Hercules / Walt Disney Pictures

#2 In Coco, the golden tooth on the guitar hints that it’s Hector’s.

Source: © Coco / Pixar

#3 In The Incredibles, most of Bob’s office space is taken up by a pillar.

Source: © The Incredibles / Pixar

#4 In Wall-E, the captain is physically incapable of wearing the original captain’s uniform. So he just wears it around his neck.

Source: © WALL-E / Pixar

#5 In Ratatouille, the critic sentences restaurants to death. His typewriter resembles a skull and his office is in the shape of a coffin.

Source: © Ratatouille / Pixar

#6 In The Incredibles, Buddy colores his inner eye-mask with a marker.

Source: © The Incredibles / Pixar

#7 In Inside Out, Riley’s clothes reflect her emotions.

Source: © Inside Out / Pixar

#8 In Coco, Miguel’s skeleton hands show little signs of age because he’s young. Hector’s hands are scratched because he was an adult when he died.

Source: © Coco / Pixar

#9 A female mantis kills her partner. That’s why in A Bug’s Life, Manny, a mantis, is married to a butterfly and not a mantis.

Source: © A Bug's Life / Pixar

#10 In Monsters, Inc. the countdown starts from 7 because the manager has 7 fingers.

Source: © Monsters Inc. / Pixar

#11 In Ratatouille, the critic is skinny because he doesn’t eat the food he doesn’t love. At the end, he becomes fatter.

Source: © Ratatouille / Pixar

#12 At the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid makes Hiccup a second braid. At the end of the movie, it’s still there.

Source: © How to Train Your Dragon 2 / DreamWorks Animation

#13 In Coco, the sidewalk tiles are in the shape of bones.

Source: © Coco / Pixar

#14 In Toy Story, all of Andy’s friends are duplicates of Andy.

Source: © Toy Story / Pixar

#15 In Inside Out, Bing Bong can’t read because he was being imagined before Riley learned how to read.

Source: © Inside Out / Pixar

#16 In Toy Story 3, you can spot Andy’s measurements of his toys on the doorway.

Source: © Toy Story 3 / Pixar

#17 In Up, both young Carl and Russell have one collar tip untucked over their vests. It shows that they’re very alike.

Source: © Up / Pixar

#18 In Ratatouille, Colette, like many professional chefs, has a burn mark on her forearm.

Source: © Ratatouille / Pixar

#19 In Anastasia, many famous historical figures appear during the song, Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart.

Source: © Anastasia / Twentieth Century Fox

#20 In Coco, Hector is wearing torn clothes and no shoes. When he’s welcomed back to the family, his clothes are clean and he has shoes, representing the family legacy.

Source: © Coco / Pixar

#21 In Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, a spark plug was used to represent a monkey’s bad habit.

Source: © Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa / DreamWorks Animation

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