11 Favorite Movies Of Critics But Fans Disliked, And Vice Versa

The most accurate source of movie criticism we have is... Rotten Tomatoes, at least until artificial intelligence and holographic technology advance to the point where researchers can create a sentient reproduction of Gene Siskel and/or Roger Ebert. There, film critics are in sync with moviegoers and have their finger on the present cinematic pulse.
Consider Chicken Run, which received a stunning 97% of the critics' votes as fresh. The average score from viewers who agreed with it was, well, 65%. That's technically a passing grade by most standards, so whatever.
Instead, let's examine Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Critics gave it only 49% and described it as "aimless, repetitious, and lacking of character development." Once more, viewers rated it 89% in agreement.
Okay, one final shot. Adam Black! We have all read the headlines: DC will never have a non-Batman hit due to Black Adam's overwhelming dislike. Critics awarded it a terrible score of 40%, and audiences utterly disapproved with an 89%.
Huh. If I didn't know any better, I'd assume that the opinions of 200 to 300 industry insiders in no way reflect those of the general public who go to the Movies.

1. Chicken Run

Source: DreamWorks Pictures

Critic score: 97%
Audience score: 65%
Critics say this movie is super funny and will make you laugh out loud. It also has some great action sequences that are thrilling to watch.

2. The Lion King

Source: 20th Century Fox

Critic score: 52%
Audience score: 88%
The critics’ verdict is that The Lion King is a disappointing retelling that pales in comparison to the original. It’s visually stunning, but it lacks the heart and soul that made the first one so special.

3. The Greatest Showman

Source: 20th Century Fox

Critic score: 56%
Audience score: 86%
In the critics’ eye, this is all flash and no substance. It’s based on a true story, but it doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of the events.

4. Captain Marvel

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Critic score: 79%
Audience score: 45%
The critics’ consensus is that the movie is full of action, humor, and visual thrills. It’s an origin story that uses the franchise’s signature formula effectively.

5. Us

Source: Universal Pictures

Critic score: 93%
Audience score: 60%
Critics say Peele’s second horror film is better than his first one and proves that he knows how to beat the sophomore jinx.

6. Spy Kids

Source: Dimension Films

Critic score: 93%
Audience score: 46%
Critics said it was full of energy and will keep kids entertained from beginning to end.

7. Don’t Look Up

Source: Netflix

Critic score: 56%
Audience score: 78%
Don’t Look Up fumbles its way towards a point but manages to make Adam McKay’s satire hits its target, say critics. Audiences say it’s a comical yet heartwarming story that addresses important issues.

8. Black Adam

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Critic score: 40%
Audience score: 90%
According to critics, Black Adam is a mixed bag of a movie that, while not great, could point to good things for DC films in the future. According to audiences, Black Adam is an awesome movie with thrilling action and great effects – plus, the story is easy to follow, making it enjoyable for everyone.

9. Sausage Party

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

Critic score: 82%
Audience score: 50%
Critics said the movie is super offensive but also really funny. It will make you laugh a lot, and also think about some deep stuff too.

10. Venom

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

Critic score: 30%
Audience score: 80%
Critics said that Venom’s first standalone movie is a mess – it’s chaotic, noisy, and desperately needs Spider-Man to anchor it.

11. The Last Jedi

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Critic score: 91%
Audience score: 42%
Critics said Star Wars: The Last Jedi is full of surprises and guaranteed to satisfy fans craving action.
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