Property Owner Pretends To Lose Lease And Writes New One To Get Redditor Move Out In 2 Months

Most people hope that they can have their own homes to live in. However, when you can’t afford to buy a flat or a house, you have to stay in a rented place and endure many troubles. Your life as a tenant will be much easier if the landlords are kind and prestigious, but not everyone is that lucky.

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Taking to the subreddit r/LandlordLove, a Reddit user named u/raimine consulted the internet for the dilemma they were facing. The poster had been living in a rented house for over five years, and they had no problem with the property owner. They paid their rent on time, cleaned the place properly, and never had conflicts with the landlord. They had signed a one-year lease recently with the belief that they would spend another peaceful year in that house.

Source: r/LandlordLove

Out of the blue, however, the landlord informed the Redditor that they had to move out in two months since his relative would buy the property. Unfortunately, the poster didn’t have a copy of the lease with the landowner’s signature to prove he was violating the contract. When they required him to show the lease, he claimed that he had lost the original lease, so he was preparing a new one with new conditions.

Source: r/LandlordLove

The Reddit user couldn’t afford to move out and felt frustrated about the unexpected situation, so they turned to Reddit for help. In response to the post, most netizens agreed that the poster shouldn’t sign the new lease.

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Though the landlord’s action seemed obviously illegal, the Redditor should check the law in their region. The public recommended they search for more information on the internet or from other tenants around them. In the worse prospect, the poster may have to ask for some help from layers.

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This post has taught us to be careful about leases and other contracts. Let’s hope that the poster could find a plausible solution to this unpleasant situation.
Do you have any advice for the Redditor? Have you ever gone through a fight with a horrid landlord? What did you do in that circumstance? Please let us know your views and ideas in the comment below!
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