Enola Holmes 2: Netflix's Film Is A Bigger Hit Than 1st Part

Enola Holmes 2 is just around the corner. We've not got long to uncover the mysteries of the highly-anticipated sequel. If there was one thing every Enola Holmes fan was asking for after the film debuted in 2020. It was for a team-up between Enola and her older, infamous brother Sherlock in the sequel. Throw in fact-based foundations about horrendous working conditions at the time. You've got the makings of a very polished sequel - one that makes the whole thing look simple and a lot of fun.
The first film was a great success for Netflix, surprising even Brown. Will Enola Holmes 2 be as successful as the first? We won't have to wait long to find out, but in the meantime, here's all you need to know about the sequel. The game has resumed.

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"Some of what follows is true," the on-air screenplay warns at the start, as Enola (Brown), Sherlock's highly independent sister, takes up the cause of young girls working in a matchstick factory who are becoming ill for no apparent reason. The point of entry is one of them is missing, which makes the young detective the appropriate person to investigate. Meanwhile, Sherlock is perplexed in his search for a bank robber. Then the intelligent siblings' investigations coincide.

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Fortunately, said brother, the legendary Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) in a more youthful and physically fit phase of his life, is on his perplexing case, which will eventually clash with the one that Enola is following. Furthermore, the obscure clues reflect the work of a great criminal, providing the sleuth with an enemy worthy of his brain.
That spark of chemistry (and contrast) between Brown and Cavill in the first film presented “such a fun opportunity”. To create a challenging plot that put the characters under pressure but respects their natures. “And that’s why they only really start to work together once they meet again in the factory. But again, they’re all working in their way. We don’t compromise Enola’s spirit. Sherlock doesn’t sit on it. He admires it and uses it as she uses him.”

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"Enola Holmes 2" has a lot of action - perhaps a little too much, given the character's more cerebral elements. The picture performs best when Enola uses her wits rather than her fists, "viewing" events in a kind of animation that wonderfully demonstrates her sharp perceptual skills.
Sherlock Holmes has gone through numerous iterations through the years, evidence of the character’s durability while underscoring how difficult it is to bring much new to Baker Street. Sherlock Asks Enola to Partner in Enola Holmes 2. Of course, two Holmes are greater than one.
Where will that lead for both Sherlock and Enola, separately and together? Not even Enola Holmes herself can tell you but will tell you to know everything.
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