10 Famous Figures Who Are Too Busy Enjoying Life To Care About Shape

We often expect celebrities are perfect and flawless. It's understandable as most famous stars also want to show the best of themselves to the public. Nevertheless, life is more than a perfect body, so some celebs have other priorities over it.
Though many stars try their best to keep in shape with a strict healthy diet, others enjoy their lives in a different way. Let's meet 10 celebrities who let themselves go and live their lives to the fullest!

#1 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrance enjoys eating so much that she often makes sarcastic comments about diet and slimming. That explains why she has gained some extra pounds after 5 years and become much sexier.

#2 Tyra Banks

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Tyra has gained 18 pounds since 2006, making her too big for a model. With her own business, her son, and numerous public events, the Next Top Model cult classic founder doesn't have time to care for her shape.

#3 Vin Diesel

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Who could think the action movie star would lose his steel abs? However, he did lose it in 2015, as shown in a snap of him topless. Surprisingly, Vin was totally fine with it as he could get back to good shape whenever he wanted. It was not a joke as he was still impeccable as ever in The Fate of the Furious.

#4 Kate Winslet

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Indeed, Kate Winslet has never attempted to have a perfect body and even hated losing weight for certain roles. Like many mothers, she loves to spend her spare time with her kids instead of working out to keep in trim.

#5 Adele

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The famous British singer has become much curvier than before. Though she lost over 30 lbs in 2015, she failed to remain her weight and went even further by creating personal plus-size clothes brand.

#6 Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly has always been a little plump, but she tried to keep fit with exercise and diets. However, she let her go after getting married and became a mother of two. Despite criticism from others, she is confident and pleased with her life.

#7 Russell Crowe

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It's not strange when a star has to gain weight for one of their roles. Russell has gained about 50 lbs to transform into a character in The Nice Guys. The issue is he's been used to his shape even after he finished his role a year ago. He admits that it's actually quite good to gain extra pounds.

#8 Kelly Osbourne

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Everyone was astounded by Kelly after she suddenly lost over 40 pounds to fit into flashy outfits in 2013. However, the strict diet made her exhausted, so she ignored the look and enjoy her life to the fullest.

#9 Eva Longoria

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Eva seemed to enjoy her honeymoon after her third marriage so much that she cared less about her figures. She is happy with her husband now and busy enjoying life rather than being bothered with shape.

#10 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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The beauty weighs 20 pounds more than before she had her kids. Though she can't don slim-fit dresses anymore, she feels happier now and doesn't plan to lose any weight.
Do you think stars should be in good shape? Have you ever tried to keep fit with exercise and diet? Is it hard, boring, or tiring? Let's share your view in the comment, and don't forget to subscribe to our website for more cool stories and ideas!
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