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Falling For Christmas Review: Should I Watch Falling For Christmas?

Falling for Christmas, Netflix's holiday rom-com, features Lindsay Lohan back in the lead role. It's incredible that it has been almost ten years since Lohan performed as the lead on such a significant stage, and even longer since we last saw her perform "Jingle Bell Rock" in the Winter Talent Show. Will Falling for Christmas be able to meet our standards? Should we simply watch Mean Girls again?

1. Falling For Christmas Gist

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Lindsay Lohan portrays Sierra Belmont, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy hotel magnate (Jack Wagner). He wants her to be the VP of atmosphere at the Belmont Summit Resort , but Sierra doesn’t want to. Even more confusing is Sierra's truly null boyfriend, an influencer named Tad Fairchild (George Young), who has the audacity to criticize Sierra's singing voice. But, before Sierra can make any major life decisions, fate — or, more accurately, Christmas magic — intervenes and sends her head crashing into a tree. Amnesia is a gift that keeps giving.
With no clue who she is and nowhere to go while she waits for someone — anyone! — to interrupt their vacations to identify her, Sierra opts to spend the days leading up to Christmas at the North Star Lodge, a cozy bed and breakfast run by a handsomely wholesome father and widower named Jake (Chord Overstreet). Sierra, now going by Sarah, gets a taste of the simple life — making the bed, doing laundry, flipping pancakes, being selfless! When her memory returns, will Sarah choose to stay at the North Star Lodge, or will she return to Sierra’s high-cost, low substance lifestyle?

2. Should You Watch Falling For Christmas?

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Yes, you should. The overall plot of the film has major elements of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, which helps make you feel the Christmas vibe. Weirdly enough, the camp humor and scenes involving head trauma were giving me Death Becomes Her.
A Holiday Tradition: In addition to being the home of a resort and a tiny inn, the town of Summit Springs has a Christmas market that hosts an annual toy drive and tree lighting ceremony. On top of that, the market has a second tree that’s reserved for Christmas wishes.
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What’s most interesting about Falling for Christmas is how it adheres to Netflix’s (or rather production company MPCA’s) house style for holiday movies. Hallmark’s romcoms skew towards small towns while being incredibly polished. Lifetime’s romances feel more modern and the stories aren’t afraid of cities. And now there’s a Netflix style, which isn’t reliant so much on production value or setting as they are on comedy and tone. There’s a real broadness to these Movies,that can be super off-putting if zippy one-liners, pratfalls, and jokes about social media aren’t your thing — but they apparently are very much Lindsay Lohan’s thing. She handles the pratfalls and punchlines like a pro. Additionally, Chord Overstreet is a welcome addition to the holiday romcom genre. When he talks about his late wife, you really feel for the guy — as much as you can feel for anyone in a 90-minute Christmas romance.

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Another staple of the Netflix holiday romcom: bizarre side characters who feel like they’ve been stranded in the wrong movie. George Young’s British influencer Tad goes on a slapstick journey that puts a strain on the movie’s already tenuous idea of realism — and I personally wouldn’t want it any other way. The bigger and weirder these movies can get, the better.
Overall, Lohan’s big return isn’t award-worthy and maybe it isn’t even worth repeat viewings. It’s hard for any film to become a watch-every-Christmas classic. But Lohan’s performance is incredibly solid, and I think it’s a good sign that she has another Netflix/MPCA movie lined up for next year. And Falling for Christmas? It bops along at a nice clip, hits all the right notes, and cues the credits before wearing out its welcome. If that sounds like faint praise, it really isn’t intended to be. If this kind of movie is what you’re looking for, then it gives you exactly what you want.

3. Falling for Christmas reviews: What the critics think?

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The movie critic Lorraine S. gave it four out of five stars, writing "Simple plot that will give you deja vu for so many other movies, but enjoyable nonetheless, with many genuinely humorous and heartfelt moments. And I was so glad to see Lindsay looking so well, with her glorious natural red locks and beautiful freckles. I definitely recommend this as a great way to spend some time with family over the holidays."
Michael W., however, gave it two stars and wrote "This movie is beyond predictable. It's plot is simple, a collection of Hollywood tropes lashed together as logically as Days of our Lives. The bad guy is "British", the hero is tall, blonde and handsome. The lady interest is clueless in need of rescuing. The child is precocious. Christmas spirit saves the day (but not the sound track) and they all live happily ever after. Pass me a bucket." 
Between those two reviews, you'll have a good idea of who should stream Falling for Christmas and who shouldn't. If you're looking for a movie that's original and exciting, this is not your ride. That said, those who want pleasant holiday cheer and want it from a movie they haven't seen yet? They're well to watch Falling for Christmas. is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated celebrity and entertainment news.
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