These Women Listed The Things They Didn't Know Males Experience Online Get Us Thinking

Men are clearly from Mars and women are from Venus, as many of you are surely aware. Even if you haven't read the same-titled book, it's obvious to everyone that male and female thought processes differ greatly, and that each gender has its own distinct traits and tendencies.
Any interaction with another person is a constant process of research, reflection, and plain curiosity (unless, of course, we are so selfish that we always listen only to our feelings and reactions). Therefore, even the most intelligent people occasionally learn incredibly fascinating facts about others during the course of such a study. These facts can be especially fascinating if they relate to a different gender.


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That men rarely ever receive compliments in their lives. I purposely go out of my way to express even the smallest compliments in case they haven’t heard one for a long time.


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Many men get an erection in the morning. Morning moves around the globe every 24 hours. This means that there is an erection wave that has been going around the globe without end since the beginning of any species with which this started.


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That they suffer from gender stereotyping too


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That they are not criticizing women’s bodies as much as women are led to believe (maybe by themselves or whomever is driving this culture). They are far more acceptant of how women look like naturally than women themselves. This was such a game changer for me.


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That they want to be loved as badly as we do and they’re also mushy gushy.


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At my first job, I used to work mostly with women, then switched to IT and now it’s mostly men. I was surprised to learn that guys don’t hold a grudge as much as the women I worked with did. We’d have an argument on Friday, I was worked up about it all weekend and worried how it would affect our future relationship, then come Monday and boom…nothing. They genuinely seemed like they let it go. It’s a pretty sweet thing.



Most men don’t actually know how to fix things. They just pull it apart and put it back together again and hope for the best.


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You guys can sit there and think about nothing.


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The fact that men really are physically stronger. I always assumed this was purely based on size but I'm a woman who works out every day (lifts weights, yoga, jogging/peloton.) My older brother doesn't exercise outside of an occasional hike. He's 4inches taller than me and 10 lbs lighter than I am (I'm a dress size 0 or 2.) He's faster than me on a hike (including backpacking) and can lift up heavier things. It makes me SO angry.


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Not surprising but i’m shocked that some women genuinely don’t think men suffer from mental health problems. I’ve heard “he’s lazy” or “he expects the woman to do everything” when 60% of the time it’s just him being depressed as s**t.


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That most men don’t care that your stomach isn’t flat.


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When they say they don't know why they feel a certain way they ACTUALLY don't know. I find it crazy and I couldn't trust it the first times.


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They only pretend to not like gentle affection. Lay your head in my lap and let me pet you you know you like it you fall asleep within minutes.


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that they have a whole set of unsaid rules about where to pee in public bathrooms


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That if you show them exactly how much you appreciate them they are more likely to be motivated to complete a task than if you nag them.


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I am constantly floored by how little some men know about their close friends’ lives! I know multiple men who speak to their best friends super regularly, but could not say with certainty if they’re single, what kind of work they do/where they work, etc. I don’t understand it at all, but I just keep meeting men like this.


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Some actually want a real relationship and not just f**k

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