10+ Hilarious Memes About Leonardo's Love Life

When it comes to picking a date, I'm ready to assume that most of us here prefer someone who is approximately the same age as ourselves. This is the assumption I'm making based on the responses of those around me. We wouldn't feel comfortable dating someone who was at least 15 years younger than us since it would make us feel like we were dating their child.
If the person we were dating was at least 15 years younger than us, we wouldn't date them. Because it would be too much like having a parent around the house, we also wouldn't want someone who is at least 15 years older than us. On the other hand, a number of individuals on Twitter believe that Leonardo DiCaprio does not suit the aforementioned criteria.
When Leo ended his relationship with Camila Morrone, which took place not too long ago, extra credibility was added to the idea that he never dates anyone older than 25. Camila was Leo's ex-girlfriend. They are unable to control their laughter after hearing this, and it quickly becomes uncontrollable. The following is a list of more than ten of the best memes that fans on Twitter have created in response to Leonardo breaking up with his girlfriend recently.

1. Hayyaaa

2. Play it like a game, dude!

3. Truth

4. No matter of age

5. Fewwww

6. Stay calm; I'll be right back with an under-25 girl!

7. Awwww, NO!

8. Play Toy, Play Gigi

9. Truth P2

10. All But NOT This

11. Sure, Ma'am

12. Just Number!

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