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  1. #1. Is SK Love Is Blind Cheating On Raven?

Is SK Love Is Blind Cheating On Raven?

Is SK Love Is Blind cheating on Raven? Here we go! Allegations of infidelity have been leveled against one of the most beloved couples from the third season of "Love Is Blind." Warning: this section contains spoilers, as we are about to tell which couples have chosen to remain together by the end of the show.

After the production of the successful show came to an end, SK Alagbada is suspected of having an affair with Raven Ross. When Was Love Is Blind Reunion Filmed?

#1. Is SK Love Is Blind Cheating On Raven?

SK Love Is Blind Cheating Source: Netflix

Even though the couple did not get married on the day of their wedding, which was depicted in the penultimate episode of the season, a reunion episode that aired on November 9 indicated that they were giving their relationship another chance.

"We've never been on this level in any other relationship," Raven told the hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey. "We've never been on this level in any other relationship." "Nothing is flawless, but both of us have developed a great deal as a result of this experiment, first and foremost as a result of what we went through together and separately. When we're working through things together, we're able to do so much more. However, they could be in some problems because there are rumors that SK has been communicating with another woman.

Did SK have an affair with Raven?

SK Love Is Blind Cheating

After the filming of the popular Netflix program came to an end, a woman posted a narrative on TikTok along with some pictures that claim to suggest that SK continued to use dating apps after the show wrapped production. Although followers were quick to record emmwho9's posts, the TikTok user has now removed her videos from the platform.

"Put a finger down if you went on a date in April with a guy from Hinge and then you actually see he's on the show 'Love is Blind' and that he met you after the show was filmed but is still with the same girl right now," the user said. "Put a finger down if you went on a date in April with a guy from Hinge and then you actually see he's on the show 'Love is Blind

It would appear that SK went out on a date with another woman while he was supposedly seeing Raven at the same time. The receipts began to build up in a different TikTok post that was made by the same user. In this post, some of the messages that the user claims to have received from SK are displayed. The texts demonstrate that SK is more than willing to make plans with the user, asking her if she would be interested in going on a date for ramen.

A number of people, including Raven, had a lot to say about the rumors that were going around. Raven is featured in a subtly dodgy TikTok post asking for the receipts that everyone else is presenting, which has since been deleted. Is Andrew Love Is Blind Transcendental Segg Real?

Fans Speculated SK and Raven Are On A Break

SK and raven

The filming of Love is Blind season three was completed in the summer of 2021, as shown by the timeline, but we do not actually know when SK and Raven got back together at this point in time.

Many viewers still vividly recall the heartbreaking incident in which SK broke the news to Raven that he did not want to marry her at the altar, therefore ending their romance. Although it was evident that they had made up by the time the reunion was taped in the fall of 2022, it is possible that they were not together at the time when these supposed Hinge messages were exchanged.

SK stated that they are taking things gradually between the two of them in an interview that was broadcast on November 9th. SK stated that they are "taking things like [a] day at a time, you know, just working our way through things" and that they are "enthusiastic about the future." 
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