8 Female Celebs Who Often Date Younger Men And Don’t Give A Sh*t About Stereotypes

Female stars dating younger men is the opposite of social stereotypes wherein older men often date younger women. Do people talk about it? Yes. Do these female celebrities let the opinions of outsiders affect them? Absolutely not. Honestly, these queens don’t give a damn about what society has to say about them and their younger lovers, let alone being put down because they dare to reverse the stereotypes.
Many of us are okay with older men dating younger women, then why can’t we be okay with the opposite cases? Plus, according to a study, women who date younger men are happier in their relationships. So let’s see how these female celebs keep their love going strong and not let the age gaps become their problems.

1. Madonna

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Madonna’s first marriage was to actor Sean Penn, who was 2 years younger than her. In 2000, she had her second marriage and it was to director Guy Ritchie, who was 10 years her junior. They went on their separate ways 8 years after that.
In 2018, Madonna dated a guy 35 years younger than her. Her lover this time was her backup dancer, Ahlamalik Williams. Their love lasted for 4 years and then ended in 2022. A few months after their separation, Madonna went on her way to date 23-year-old model Andrew Darnell. However, the 64-year-old star refused to allow their 4-decade age difference to bother her.

2. Courteney Cox

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Courteney Cox married actor David Arquette in 1999. The actress was 7 years older than her husband. They had a daughter together before they divorced in 2010. Three years later in 2013, Cox went on to date her co-star Brian Van Holt, who was 5 years younger than her. However, this relationship quickly ended.
After that, Cox was introduced to singer Johnny McDaid, who was 12 years her junior. They got a pretty rock-solid relationship and stayed deeply in love ever since.

3. Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez’s first husband was actor Ojani Noa, who is almost 5 years younger than her. They tied the knot in 1997 and divorced just 11 months afterward. J.Lo then got engaged to former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez in 2029. She was 6 years older than him.
Their relationship didn’t work out and they split in April 2021. In 2022, Lopez married famous actor Ben Affleck, who is 3 years her junior.

4. Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz started her romance with Justin Timberlake in 2003. She was 9 years older than Timberlake, but that fact didn’t bother her at all. Their relationship lasted for 4 years. In 2010, Diaz dated former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who is 3 years younger than her. They broke up in 2011.
The actress started her new romance with rocker Benji Madden. Benji is 6 and a half years younger than her. They officially married in January 2015 and had a daughter together.

5. Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey was 7 years older than model Christian Monzon. They started their relationship in 2005 after meeting on the set of her music video. The pair broke up and Carey went on to marry comedian and TV host Nick Cannon, who is 10 years younger than her.
They had 2 kids together but ultimately broke up in 2014. Carey’s next lover was her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, who was 13 years younger than her. Their relationship remains strong over the years.

6. Demi Moore

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Demi Moore’s first spouse was Ashton Kutcher. She was 16 years older than him. They ended their marriage in 2011 after 6 years of living together. In 2013, Moore started dating drummer Sean Friday, who was 24 years her junior. He was just 2 years older than her oldest daughter, Rumer.
Moore was spotted with her new boyfriend in early March 2022. Her new lover was Daniel Humm, a Swiss chef and restaurant owner who was 13 years younger than Moore.

7. Kate Beckinsale

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After her divorce in 2015, Beckinsale went on and date several men who are younger than her. She had a quick romance with standup comedian Matt Rife, who was 22 years her junior. Her next lover was comedian and actor Pete Davidson, who was 21 years younger than her.
In January 2020, she dated musician Goody Grace, who was 24 years her junior. They had a fun relationship that lasted for 10 months and then went on their separate ways.

8. Gabrielle Union

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Gabrielle Union’s first spouse was 2 and a half years younger than her. She married former professional football player Chris Howard and they lived together for 5 years. After their divorce, Union married former professional basketball player Dwyane Wade, who is 10 years her junior.
Before she officially tied the knot with Dwyane Wade in 2014, Union also dated Ludacris from 2006 to October 2007. The rapper was almost 5 years younger than her.
These female stars often date younger men, and they are not afraid to show the world their happiness. To them, as long as they‘re happy, then social stereotypes don’t matter. Speaking of stereotypes that society likes to put on women, there are other celebrities who break toxic beauty standards and show every girl out there how to love their body. Check these queens out to give yourself a boost of confidence.
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