20 Weird Panoramic Photos That Will Crack You Up

With the advancement of technology, smartphone cameras are now equipped with superior software and the best photographic applications. Now we can click to get a great shot. However, even with the best phones in the world, taking a panoramic photograph is difficult. Panorama mode allows us to capture a series of frames and stitch them together using special software to create an image of the entire scene. If you have the chance to browse through your friends' photo albums on their phones or computers you will find a lot of ugly, weird panoramic photos. Maybe these were taken at unexpected moments or they just didn't how to use this feature.
Here are 20 weird and hilarious panoramic photos we found on the internet. Trust me, they'll make you laugh. Let's get started!

#1. I Took A Panoramic Picture Of Our Living Room But My Cat Decided To Walk Through.

Source: FallenCoffee

#2. This Girl Has The Ultimate Selfie Hand.

Source: Strid3r21

#3. My Dog Is A Cerberus

Source: Pufferchung

#4. Centibaby, Crawler Of The Deep

Source: meme-makerforpewds

#5. Troll Face Ensued

Source: maddog595959

#6. What Happens When You Take A Panoramic Photo And Your Dog Runs Into The Shot.

Source: pembull

#7. My Sister Ran Through My Shot As I Was Taking A Panoramic Picture.

Source: Imgur

#8. Friend Tried To Take A Panorama Of Her Dachshund

Source: knoxy

#9. Messing Around With Panorama In Class A Couple Weeks Ago.

Source: KylePeterson051

#10. I'm Not Very Good At Taking Panoramas

Source: -Skizza

#11.  A Panoramic Photo At A Concert And Lights Changed In The Middle Of It


#12. Panoramic Of My Friend Gone Wrong

Source: 43percentburnt

#13. Taking A Panorama Of The Yard When The Dog Walked By

Source: lukeallen1

#14.Panoramic Picture Error Results In Perfect Phantom Middle Finger

Source: Reddit

#15. My Kid Took A Panorama Photo Of Me That Went Horribly Right.

Source: mcphadenmike

#16. Panoramic Shot Gone Right

Source: GallowBoob

#17. Camera Malfunctioned As We Motored Away From The Dock

Source: Twin_Keel

#18. Corgipillar

Source: ceanders

#19. Cursed Car

Source: ducksizedhorses

#20. Oops!

Source: ThatDude797

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