31 Hilarious Snapshots Of Craziest Situations On The Subway

A long time ago, our ancestors traveled on foot, by riding horses or using carts. While going from place to place and sightseeing, they never imagined one day in the future, a public means of transportation called the subway where the all-time-weirdest situations took place would be invented. Yes, the modern subway! When the final oddest person traveled out of this planet, he would be on the subway!
Social etiquette on the subway just doesn't apply well. However, it is not a bad thing at all. If you choose to go home after a tiring workday, be prepared, and don't let yourself get knocked out by funny, bizarre, and peculiar things there! You know what? Cuddling in your warm, fluffy bed and seeing this baffling compilation is far more comfortable than experiencing the real case.
So, don't miss it! Grab some snacks and enjoy!

#1. Wonder if they push on or pull off that panda

Source: Feedy

#2. Tomato slice choose subway too

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#3. That thing with a little witch hat must be an Animagus

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#4. Pikachu's arm grabbing the subway pole

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#5. Fantastic

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#6. Subway seats are too small for him to sit on.

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#7. How on Earth?

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#8. This centaur just came to race with the subway

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#9. When did she make that?

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#10. "Enough!", said he.

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#11. Is it what they mean by "Serve yourself!"?

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#12. Lady, how is your Monday?

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#13. Poor Rangers

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#14. He is the theoretical type, not practical.

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#15. Fireman enjoyed the crows

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#16. Physic practice on the subway

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#17. Dinner in 5 mins after the subway

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#18. When You Match The Subway

Source: omafist

#19. That dog is so friggin majestic

Source: carlfreis

#20. Looks like another knight just lost his horse to the enemy that day, typical Monday.

Craziest Situations On The SubwaySource: Scaulbylausis

#21. "Taking The Underground Subway In Seoul. I Stumbled Upon A Train That Had Been Converted Into A Grocery Store"

Source: The_Day_Man

#22. More Concerned About The Guy On The Bottom Right Tbh

Craziest Situations On The SubwaySource: morgannelamorte

#23. Doggo is relaxed

Source: brandonfloss

#24. "Thought Of You All When I Saw This Guy Selling Plants On My Subway Ride Home. He Kept Saying Things Like “I Don’t Sell Weed, I Just Sell Tropical Plants”

Source: zeaky888

#25. Not Books

Craziest Situations On The SubwaySource: thechicrew

#26. Someone’s Enjoying Their Evening Commute (Or Not)

Source: afrowa

#27. Just What The Heck, New York

Craziest Situations On The SubwaySource: HelloCVH

#28. This Guy's Lunch Made It Onto The Train Without Him This Morning

Source: orclev87

#29. What a racket!

Craziest Situations On The SubwaySource: unknown

#30. Just A Little Subway Grooming...

Source: slight

#31. It gives you something to do other than play on your phone.

Craziest Situations On The SubwaySource: paulk1

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