10 Reasons Why Diego Maradona Is The Greatest Football Player Of All Time

Football games last 90 minutes, yet there are just a few scoring possibilities for each team. Some athletes are adept at seizing scoring opportunities. Others excel at presenting chances to themselves or to their colleagues. There has only ever been one football player in history who was capable of performing each one at the highest level. And that player is Maradona.
Numerous experts, critics, players, and football fans all agree that Diego Maradona is the greatest player to ever play the game. Maradona, who was named the joint FIFA Player of the 20th Century with Pelé, played for six different teams during his career before finishing with Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires from 1995 to 1998. Maradona is unmatched in his ability to open scoring opportunities for either himself or his teammates. Maradona was responsible for both the best goal and assist in World Cup history. Maradona was also responsible for the second-best goal and assist.
But we're going to get into more detail by compiling the top 10 reasons Diego Armando Maradona deserves the title “The best football player of all time”. Check to see if we were able to convince you!

#10 Goal of the Century

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Maradona would still be a superstar even if he had accomplished nothing else in his career but scoring this incredible goal against England in 1986. But for a player like that, this was just a flash of genius! Diego's majesty was best exemplified by what he performed that day in the scorching Azteca stadium after the "Hand of God".
It seems so effortless and exquisite as you watch him pass by numerous English players, including Terry Butcher. You will always want to complete this Goal of the Century, no matter how many times you see it. The biggest competition in the world has never seen such a show of strength!

#9 World Cup 1994


The 1994 FIFA World Cup remains the largest sporting tragedy in Argentina's history to this day. Argentina immediately gained popularity after Maradona's comeback, becoming one of the favorites! Diego played excellently against eventual European winners Greece and Nigeria despite being close to 34 years old. The fact that he got fouled more than any other player in his first two games may have been the most convincing evidence of his performance.
Diego tested positive and was promptly banned, which led to a disastrous outcome. He didn't utilize drugs, but rather a weight-loss medicine that regrettably contained a prohibited component. Even FIFA recognized that they treated him harshly, yet many people still hold that belief. FIFA chose not to penalize Maradona after the World Cup because they believed that his use of the substances didn't improve his performance. Argentina soon tumbled out of the competition after his early exit, serving as additional evidence that he was the team's driving force.

#8 Live Is Life

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Maradona loved soccer and knew that in order to excel at something, one must love it. Watching his illustrious warm-up routine from 1989 is the only way to truly understand this. While everyone else was taking the UEFA Cup semifinals quite seriously, Diego was grinning and showcasing his talents to the tune of "Live is Life."
His opponents from Bayern Munich, who were also impressed by him, later stated that they couldn't believe what he was doing. He was just having fun, but the Germans were terrified by his act! You must be concerned when the top player in the world appears so at ease and prepared to play. No surprise that Napoli won the match and advanced to the championship!

#7 Player of the Century

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FIFA made the decision to choose the greatest player of the 20th century at the end of 2000, but the decision generated much controversy. Fans chose Maradona even though Pele won by a wide margin in the so-called grand jury. FIFA agreed that they should both be considered players of the century as a compromise. Many believed that the team couldn't let Diego win because he never spoke well about it.
Of course, some people asserted that Maradona won the vote because, in contrast to Pele, he was much younger and hence more people were able to watch him. The fact that Eusebio, who also played in the 1960s, was ranked third disproved that notion, though. There is no question that Maradona is a champion of the people, and this should be more important than what the FIFA suits say.

#6 Other Greats Say That He Is the Greatest

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Probably the only soccer player who is adored by famous people from all time is Maradona. Although they are all complimenting him, they are never the typical phrases we use to describe a great athlete. Sometimes, like Lionel Messi, they feel humbled to be named in the same line as him. Leo admitted that despite being one of the best, he will never reach the same level.
When you read the accolades "El Pibe" even from his fiercest competitors, received, shivers can run down your spine. One of them, according to Dutch superstar Ruud Gullit, "Better than Pele, the greatest player to ever play the game. He was at a different level from everyone else, and I studied him intently every week in Italy." The essence of Gullit's statement is that Maradona was the best because he was so exceptional.

#5 His Fan Base Is Unbelievable


Even for elite athletes, everything changes after their career is over. The majority of the supporters relocate, and even the media attention becomes less intense. All of that is accurate for all but Maradona. He was a megastar not just in Argentina but all across the world up until the end. He was coveted by everyone because he was still passing and scoring.
What other player had a chapel named after him, too? Since its founding in 1998, Iglesia Maradoniana, or Maradona's Church, has grown to include hundreds of thousands of members. If the movement ever began as one of the quirkiest religious movements, it is today regarded with the utmost reverence.

#4 He Gave Everything to His National Team

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When some say that Maradona is superior to Messi, they bring up his Argentina-related plays. Making his fellow countrymen happy and promoting his country in the best possible light were Diego's two priorities. He participated in four World Cups and gave it his all each time.
He was giving it his all, even on the rare times when he didn't perform properly. In addition, you could always see the unbridled happiness on his face after each goal and the sorrow after a defeat. To be so enthusiastic despite having so much wealth and celebrity is simply divine.

#3 Real Leader

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Although Maradona was the best player on the field, a true leader need not be one. His greatest strength, though, was that he inspired others to play at a higher level. Diego embodies the traditional number 10 player, one who controls his team and always knows what to do.
That didn't alter with Maradona, and he never perceived it as a burden. Still, having complete control had no negative effects on his ego. Diego frequently opted to pass the ball rather than try to score, and his assists were exquisite.

#2 Making Napoli Great

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Many people felt Maradona was mad when he arrived in 1984 with the Italian team Napoli. Really, why would the best in the world choose to spend his prime years in such a small club? The fact is that Napoli never captured a championship before or after Maradona. With him, they won twice as many trophies, including the UEFA Cup!
The fact that Maradona was the only genuine superstar on the team made it even more amazing! A few really good players can be found on Napoli's squad, but most are middling and largely unnoticed. No one will ever dominate with such a weak team, as everyone knew back then and as we know now. It makes sense why more people connect him with Naples than with "Neapolitan Novels."

#1 Winning the World Cup in 1986


Maradona only ever won one World Cup, but the manner in which he did so defies all reason. Soccer is a team sport, thus even the best individual player won't be able to carry your team to victory. Diego, on the other hand, displayed such talent and passion in Mexico in 1986 that it drove goalies and defenses insane!
Diego was the only player to accomplish it, appearing in all seven games and scoring a mind-boggling five goals and five assists. With his superior speed and dribbling abilities, Maradona decimated the opponents, including England (in the contentious game), Belgium, and Germany, and created a ton of room for his teammates. They were able to score so many simple goals as a result. He was the one who played a crucial role in the championship, providing a stunning assist for the game-winning goal! When will his tale be made into an Oscar-winning film?
Diego Armando Maradona was a fantastic leader in addition to being a superb athlete. However, it was his passion for the game and his distinctive style of play that made him the best. He was such an abnormality even in his prime, and what he accomplished now seems much more amazing.
Which of Maradona's performances is your favorite? What would the list of the top 10 soccer players look like? Please express yourself in the comments section below.
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