38-Year-Old Singer Discloses The Way To Keep Romance Alive With 73-Year-Old Husband

Following the dissolution of her eight-year marriage to Nick Cokas, Katherine McPhee Foster, 34, wed her 73-year-old spouse David Foster in 2019. The US actress and singer and the record producer dated for a year before she got engaged to him.
The R&B singer explains the trick to keeping the romance alive in their marriage and periodically reconnecting, after tying the knots for 3 years. They are generations apart, so the tradition is required to bridge their remarkable age difference.
Nonetheless, the age gap is typically not a deal breaker in most marriages, assuming that the couple does not hesitate to perform, as well as McPhee and Foster are keen to do it.

Maintaining The Relationship With Profound Discussions

The couple took their followers aback with a sexy photo on McPhee's IG last summer. It's just one of several pics that illustrate how happy and proud they are to display their healthy intimate connection.
McPhee told Fox News that their marriage's flame was kept alive through regular communication. Although Foster doesn't consume alcohol, McPhee claimed she only needed a glass of wine for their regular conversation sessions.
"He doesn't drink, so I'll have a glass of wine while we just chat. We always make sure to have that time together."

Discussing All Of It

There's always something to chat about, especially now that their son Rennie is a year old, said McPhee. The discussions are intended to rekindle their connection and keep it strong despite their demanding professional lives.
On Father's Day, McPhee expressed her love for her "small family" and expressed gratitude to the record producer for making her a mother. She claimed that he doesn't bemoan the changes that a young wife and child have made to his life and that he makes co-parenting simple.

Collaborating on an Extended Play (E.P.)

Foster and his wife brought their love for one another into the booth. They are equally smitten with one another. This year, the couple issued a Christmas EP and invested considerable time in a press tour for it in Autumn.
In addition to talking, McPhee and Foster also participate in other enjoyable activities to keep their youthful vigor.

Mutual Respect Matters Most

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McPhee talked about how she first met Foster as an American Idol competitor 17 years ago, how she got married to him, and how she first started working with him professionally.
She claimed that working with Foster was effortless and that because of her regard for him as a music producer, she was able to accept his suggestions, adjustments, and comments without objecting. The outcome is Blue Christmas, which is on the verge of becoming yet another classic.
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