30 Top-Notch Cover-Up Ideas That Turn Lamentable Tattoos Into Mindblowers

Tattooing has been a favorable body art for centuries. Even though some people still have prejudice, many are proud to show their significant skin-carved masterworks. However, tattoo carriers don't always have what they desire. An ugly tattoo will make an adult feel embarrassed and want to hide away. Plenty of things can worsen a beautiful tattoo, such as time, quality of ink, the artist's talent, or new trends turning the old ones out of time.
Nonetheless, it is sure not the end of anyone's life. In addition to laser technology to erase horrible tattoos, artists have many wowing ideas to cover them up in case their clients still hope to wear new ones. Therefore, if your colorful skin-laying treasure gets worse over time or you regret a childish decision, don't worry because those mistakes can transform into something even more magnificent.
Don't believe it? Let's look at the gallery below to check out phenomenal cover-up works from tattoo artists all over the world!

#1. Old feather and new feather

Source: anonymous

#2. Letters into a diamond

Source: kamas_tattooer

#3. The outcome

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: idemtattoo79

#4. Dear little girl!

Source: Kami_No_Tanjou

#5. Get lost in the forest

Source: motorcyclinghippy

#6. Fantastic

Source: adamsky2000

#7. A beautiful add-on

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: wendymartina

#8. Definite upgrade!!

Source: unknown

#9. Great idea, a good way to laugh at yourself

Source: unknown

#10. So much better

Source: kamas_tattooer

#11. Koi King

Source: Diablo31x

#12. Love how vibrant the colors are!!

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: wilsontattoo74

#13. Party dog

Source: unknown

#14. Gorgeous

Source: few23

#15. Beautiful abstract

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: inkdonkey

#16. Nicely done

Source: Tattoo Nightmares

#17. Rather the new one

Source: kamas_tattooer

#18. Who doesn't love Simba?

Source: Krzysztof Domanowski


Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: markedonetattoo

#20. Rose in tha place of Kanji

Source: Tattoodles

#21. Knuckleduster on a scroll into pirate treasure

Source: Tattoo Nightmares

#22. Cute one

Source: unknown

#23. Dragonfly cover-up

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: thirdwishtattoos

#24. "Veni, Vidi, Vici" = "I came, I saw, I conquered"

Source: unknown

#25. Dope or nope

Source: Tattoo Nightmares

#26. Best one

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: Lindsay Baker

#27. Learn from mistakes

Source: GOR31LLY

#28. Stunning

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: Tattoo Nightmares

#29. Beautiful work though

Source: Tattoos By Oksana

#30. Very well repaired

Cover-Up Ideas, tattoo fixersSource: theclassicoversharer

#30. Bye Mary, Hi Marge!

Source: noijonas

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