28 Top-Grade Ads That Fascinate You With Brilliant Context And Rolling-On-The-Floor Slogans

Advertisements try to capture even the slightest sliver of attention. Big and small brands attempt to connect with audiences through various creative strategies. Statistic analysis reports point out that it’s often humorous ads that can draw lots of attention and get internet users talking, sharing, and even thinking fairly about the brand. Clever, funny, and creative ads evoke a feel-good feeling from the crowd.
According to neuroscientists, good associations can be generated by things that make us laugh. Everybody loves joy. Whoever can bring amusement to consumers will be prioritized. That is why many colossal brands with more than a century in the industry invest in new humorous, trending-vibed advertising ideas. They even use sarcasm, jokes, and ironic facts and stories as their references.
Not only do these ads impress viewers, but they also go viral thanks to their brilliance and exception in design, copywriting, and pulling memorable slogans. Here are examples of how big guys in the industry tickle their potential clients.

#1. Silberman’s Fitness Center

Source: Silberman’s Fitness Center

#2. Manhattan Mini Storage

Source: Manhattan Mini Storage

#3. IKEA

Source: IKEA

#4. Dental Implant Insurance

Source: Dental Implant Insurance

#5. Guinness

 Source: Guiness

#6. Harley Davidson

Source: Harley Davidson

#7. J&B

Source: J&B

#8. Loto Libanais

Source: Loto Libanais

#9. Mercedes-Benz

Source: Mercedes-Benz

#10. Newcastle Brown Ale

Source: Newcastle Brown Ale

#11. Karma Yoga

Source: Rethink Communications, Canada

#12. Disconnect for a while. Read a book.

Source: Tzomet Sfarim Bookstore, Brickman, Ramat Gan, Israel

#13. This ad for Ambi Pur plays on classic perfume ads because the product has an attractive fragrant smell.

Source: Ambi Pur

#14. Axe

Source: unknown

#15. Taka Horse

Source: Taka Horse

#16. Volkswagen

Source: Volkswagen

#17. Restart

Source: Restart


#18. Kata and Hwaseong, Gasmea

Source: u/BSGYT

#19. Mantis Digital, Tamaki Drive

Source: u/tvennings

#20. Dutch Stutter Foundation

Source: Dutch Stutter Foundation

#21. Hijet MPV

Source: Hijet MPV

#22. Daihatsu

Source: Daihatsu

#23. Spotify

Source: Spotify

#24. KitKat

Source: KitKat

#25. Durex

Source: Durex

#26. Citroën 2CV Dolly, 1988

Source: Citroën 2CV Dolly, 1990

#27. BIC

Source: BIC

#28. Dentistry Group

Source: Dentistry Group

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