26 Times People Saw Weird Things They Weren't Supposed To See Alone, They Had To Share Online

It's normal to stumble upon something unusual. We might not get to catch them every day but the chance will come when we expect it the least. Besides, we're so lucky to live in an age where almost everyone can easily access the Internet so they won't miss many interesting things. Even if you have little to no chance to catch strange things around you, you still can look for them on the Internet. Just in case you're up to your nose and don't have time to go online as frequently as you used to, today we will bring to you some of the weird things people saw and felt the urge to share online.
Here are 26 photos of weird things people came across and had to share them with others. Scroll down to check them out now.

#1. The birthday balloon cow has Italy on it.

Source: neondrifter

#2. Found an 11 of diamonds playing card on a walking trail

Source: Pachydermus

#3. This pumpkin pie contains "finger"

Source: MarieCakeAntoinette

#4. "This grape is looking at me"

Source: youknowmeasjess

#5. The building in Detroit being built from the top down

Source: numbersaremygameyall

#6. Paper thin building

Source: lord_of_the_nazgul

#7. "I found a park bench in memory of someone that isn't dead yet"

Source: samiqan

#8. "My daughter was born with hobbit feet."

Source: samiqan

#9. "Took a bite of my apple and it’s red inside"

Source: penghuwan

#10. This "cloud" that looks like the not-so-distant relative of Jean Jacket from Nope

Source: AutomaticAd5811

#11. "Was at the beach and found a shell with barnacles on it that makes it look like an anatomically correct heart"

Source: Cascading-hearts98

#12. This tree grew over the sign, but under the paint.

Source: T3nacityDog

#13. Found a stone with dried seaweed attached to it

Source: CYBERSson

#14. "I found a pack of Cigarettes that's actually a Calculator"

Source: Afraid_Condition_267

#15. This toilet paper roll has two cardboard tubes in it

weird things people sawSource: Bagpipes_Rule

#16. "My garlic turned blue in the oven"

weird things people sawSource: sixwingmildsauce

#17. This guy at a Starbucks reading the paper… from 1963

weird things people sawSource: muckduck69420

#18. The way you can see the truck through these pipes

weird things people sawSource: wiegandster

#19. The silhouette in the ice cube looks like a Disney princess

Source: Vixi0n

#20. A person in medieval armor just standing in the middle of Detroit

weird things people sawSource: Wise-Manufacturer324

#21. "My wife cut open some squid while making dinner to find the squid's dinner."

Source: Mr_Kealy

#22. These shoes found at a thrift store with controller shaped soles

weird things people sawSource: NijiKoneko

#23. Logo on a chair has a small chair hidden in it

weird things people sawSource: Patiencesbest

#24. "My cousin’s Samurai sword shift knob"

weird things people sawSource: MarkHAZE86

#25. "The frame on this painting in my parents house has eyeballs in it."

weird things people sawSource: Missile_Lawnchair

#26. The camera in the ER looks like a surprised panda

weird things people sawSource: WhiskyEye

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