26 People Reveal What Schoolmates-Turned-Celebrities Were Like Before Fame

Back in our school days, we might have own dreams of becoming adventurous astronauts, charismatic rock stars, and legendary athletes. They're different careers in different areas but have one thing in common: all kids want to be superstars in those fields they want to work in. Although most kids grew up and forget their dreams, not every one of them gives up their ambitions. Some of them did turn their dreams into reality.
And you probably didn’t know at the time, the person who sat next to you in some classes or at the cafeteria was about to become a celebrity in the future. Maybe he or she was infamous for some personality that their friends disliked, maybe they were the kids of well-known parents and it was a secret to anyone. Anyway, that’s exactly what internet users discussed in an awesome thread on r/AskReddit.
Redditors shared who they or their friends or relatives went to school with and who’s famous now. It’s truly an interesting topic to learn how fun, kind, and down-to-earth our favorite celebrities were. Still, it’s not the case with every celebrity. So, let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 Elvis Presley

Source: Library of Congress

"My Grandma went to school with Elvis. They had P.E. together. She said he was a real ladies' man and he was a total sweetheart." - BroadwayxBeauty

#2 Johnny Depp

Source: Georges Biard

"Well I didn't exactly, but Johnny Depp was 1 grade ahead of me and I talked to him occasionally, and I can tell ya, he was the same as he is now, the lead in everything, the class clown/weirdo and had almost barley any friends." - Lancashire

#3 Taylor Swift

Source: taylorswift

"I went to high school with **Taylor Swift**. She was endearing and awkward. Extremely kind and modest. A group of us saw her perform on Good Morning America one morning before anyone knew she was a musician. Went she returned to school later in the week and we were like "WHAT THE F**K TAYLOR?? Who are you?"
Her bashful response was, "Oh... umm... I really like to play guitar". A few months later she performed "Our Song" at our annual talent show. There was a silence before the huge round of applause. It was the first time 90% of us ever heard her music.
(I was a senior in her freshman year. We had gym together)"
- Rae_hers

#4 John Stamos

Source: interest

"My father went to high school with John Stamos. He says that Stamos was a huge nerd and performed magic tricks at lunch. That is all." - mr_shankly91

#5 Prince

Source: penner

"My dad went to the same high school as Prince. Apparently, he was a very quiet kid, didn't have many friends." - kenzie14

#6 Demi Lovato

Source: twitter

"Demi Lovato. She was a grade below me in middle school and then moved to Hollywood just before high school. She was a real b***h and a half. Definitely the biggest mean girl in her grade. I don't really understand why she goes into interviews saying she was bullied so badly; it was her doing all the terrorizing." - peebed

#7 Justin Bieber

Source: justinbieber

"The sitter for my kids went to school
With Justin Bieber. She said he's a douchebag." - mjcronic

#8 Neil deGrasse Tyson

Source: neildegrassetyson

"My dad went to high school with Neil deGrasse Tyson. They were buddies, but not extremely close. He described him as being "popular, athletic, and an all-around good guy". We even have a signed yearbook!" - thetreeshateyou

#9 Michelle Obama

Source: Official White House Photo by Chuck KennedyReport

"My Mom went to high school with Michelle Obama (formerly Michelle Robinson), and even has a yearbook with her signature in it. They were in the National Honor Society together and had been pretty good acquaintances. It wasn't until one day after Obama was elected, my Mom was watching the news, and jumped in recognition and ran to find her yearbook." - Katey5678

#10 Donald Trump

Source: cnn

"Donald Trump, Jr. Went to the Hill School '94-95 while he was there. He was a cocky and judgemental douche who ran with a posse of sycophants of his choosing and who also always paid his way...dude never seemed to pay his own way. He also bagged his share of girls from the all-girl schools who would get busses in for our dances...dude was well aware of the power of his family name.
The one negative encounter that comes to mind each time I see his smug face on TV is when that m**********r criticized my choice of hats. You see, I fancied myself a skatepunk in the early to late 90s. I had decided to get a straw golf hat and safety pin it up all Australian-like on one side and festoon it with a band make from a cut-up school tie...f**k the police. Anyways, he sees me rollin', he hatin'. He yells out, "Hey, that's not a skater hat, f*g!". Ridiculous reason for a grudge, sure...but f**k that guy anyway."

#11 Ludacris

Source: ludacris

"I went to high school with Ludacris. Back then he was just Chris, and he was hilarious." - xGRANITEx

#12 Bill Murray

Source: Harald Kriche

"My dad went to high school with Bill Murray, apparently he was quite well-liked." - rubrix

#13 Zac Efron

Source: Eva Rinaldi

"Zac Efron was in my high school speech and debate league. He accused me of wanting to kill Oprah in a debate. And he won." - GinDeMint

#14 Michael Cera

Source: realmikejfox

"My boyfriend went to school with Michael Cera and was good friends with him until he moved away. He really is just as awkward and hilarious in real life and i have been told many funny stories about him.." - desasaurus

#15 Will Ferrell

Source: Jon Gudorf Photography

"My Friends Mom was asked to prom by Will Ferrell in high school. Apparently, he showed up at her door completely naked and asked her in front of her parents." - NaggerMarshall

#16 OJ Simpson

Source: BuzzFeed

"Not me, but OJ Simpson asked my mom to go out with him in high school... luckily she said no..." - Lyrre

#17 Michael J. Fox

Source: realmikejfox

"My aunt made out with, and then proceeded to puke on Michael J. Fox." - sad8889

#18 Heath Ledger

Source: twitter

"My sister's friend went to school with Heath Ledger and he was good mates with him. She told me when she herself met him he was a really friendly guy." - Dascrazi

#19 Madonna

Source: madonna

'My Mom went to school with Madonna(Rochester, Michigan), she said she was a total s**t which I was not surprised by at all." - willscy

#20 Neil Young


"My father grew up with Neil Young. They were basically best buds & they stole that hearse together. Neil Young tells of that s**t in his biography." -

#21 Nick Cage

Source: imgur

"Friend's mom went to high school with Nick Cage. Yep." - CcHhRrIiSs

#22 Neil Patrick Harris


"My friend's dad went to high school with Neil Patrick Harris, and apparently used to bully him." - kokopellii

#23 Bruce Willis

Source: interest

"My dad went to college with Bruce Willis. He told me stories of them listening to records in their dorm rooms, and Bruce being a real drunk. Apparently, he dropped out because he was an alcoholic... Apparently, when he went out to Hollywood he asked one of my dad's friends to be his accountant but he thought Bruce wasn't gonna make it." - Provision

#24 Hugh Grant

Source: BBC

"Dad went to school with Hugh Grant. Very popular dude. Got all the ladies at the neighboring girls schools." - anon

#25 Bono

Source: World Economic Forum

"My friend's dad punched Bono when they were in school.
The full story:
So I'm slightly hazy about the exact details but the story goes Bono wrote a song (or sang a song) to my friend's dad's girlfriend, as you can imagine he didn't take kindly to this creepy and d******d move. So the next day he punched him right in the money maker!
Friends dad eventually married his girlfriend and they settled down on a very successful lettuce farm. Where they live happily married.
tl;dr Protects his woman by punching Bono in the sweetest thing and lives like a king on his farm, growing 2 kids and a lot of lettuce."
- Dylabaloo

#26 Bon Jovi

Source: slgckgc

"My uncle went to school with Bon Jovi, he shoved my uncle in a locker..." - goodcoffee123
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