If You Have Bad Day, These Children's Tricks Is All You Need To Feel Better 

What will you do if you feel a little indisposed or upset? Sometimes we all happen to be slack and sluggish without particular reasons. It seems impossible to avoid this kind of feeling on some days, so the only thing we can do is cheer ourselves up with some pleasant experiences. Different people will have different ways to get their spirits back, ranging from listening to music, watching a comedy, to doing some exercises. Let us add one more effective pill of sadness to the list - kid's pranks!
Children are simply the best comedians with their weird but brilliant minds. You can never be bored when you have a kid by your side, without a doubt. What makes their antics special is that they just accidentally do that with no intention of giving us a laugh. Their naive perception of the world allows them to have exceptional imagination and creativity. That’s why they can come up with a prank that breaks us into laughter anytime we look back on it. 
The kid’s antics are so crazy that they are often brought up at all holidays and family dinners. Most parents are likely bewildered multiple times when witnessing what their children do. However, after they calm down, they will absolutely burst out laughing due to the kids' eccentricity. Therefore, whenever you are bored with repetitive habits, turn to children for some exciting moments!
Here are 20 hilarious pics that make it hard to hold your laugh. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!

#1 My daughter made me breakfast today

Source: Komandirpetuhov

#2 An extraordinary approach to fulfilling a request

Source: pBr_R1ot

#3 How my kid asks for snacks, from across the house

Source: kevohuevo

#4 Unsuccessfully played with a robot vacuum cleaner

Source: pil0t_g2

#5 A win-win method to open the peacock’s tail

Source: Tgg161

#6 Total disappointment

Source: me_irl_but_online

#7 Great place to stay

Children's TricksSource: Pikafishy

#8 The accomplices are stealing

Source: TheAmazingManatee

#9 Baby decided to play with hair removal lotion

Source: gumberry

#10 When no one sees

Children's TricksSource: iphotostuff

#11 The son said that he was hot and asked to buy ice cream. I didn’t expect this turn of events.

Source: Potential Apathy

#12 The daughter learns the art of being a cat

Source: rickreed90424

#13 My two-year-old leaves dolls all over the house. Sometimes they look like they’re alive

Children's TricksSource: bootsandcats-

#14 A friend just wanted to take a nice photo of his daughter

Source: DangerIsMyUsername

#15 My kid made an Earthquake Detection Kit.

Children's TricksSource: elister

#16 My child is trying to get out of the car to play with another child.

Source: Fast-Focus7399

#17 Mom, I need 32 toilet paper rolls.

Source: rather0od

#18 Went to school like this. Child 8 years old

Children's TricksSource: John Brown Militia

#19 My kid wanted to “open” the banana by herself this morning. Am I raising a serial killer?

Source: John_McCuddles

#20 My kid drew a drawing of me eating “chicken wings”.

Source: Hot_You663

What’s the funniest photo in your view? Do you have any incidents with kids to share? Please leave it in the comment below and follow us to get updated with more cool pics and stories!
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