30 Times People Violated OSHA Regulations But Were Totally Okay With That

Safety first! Of course, your safety must be made a paramount priority before anything else at any time and in any situation. Everywhere you go, from home to school, workplace, hospitals, Entertainment centers, etc., safety regulations must be strictly followed in order to keep yourself and others from being exposed to dangers and risks. However, there are times when people do things their way and don't give a heck about what is called OSHA Safety Regulations (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Luckily, we’ve come across a Facebook group known as “Looks like an OSHA violation but ok”, a corner for everyone to “share images and stories of the most egregious OSHA violations, and other maybe-not-the-best-idea situations”. This community was created with a mission to hilariously educate people about staying safe at work.
We’ve rounded up 30 dangerous yet funny times when OSHA Safety Regulations made no sense to people. Check them out below!

#1. Sparks

Source: Jarrett Paul Mattson

#2. Teamwork makes dreamwork

Source: Kaytyn Sean Reddy

#3. What the hell is going on here?!

Source: Tyson Neuenschwander

#4. What are these lads doing down there? Wrong answers only!

Source: Stoyan Andreev

#5. Why is he doing that when there's some perfectly good plastic buckets right next to him??

Source: Brian Roenicke

#6. Make sure to take your OSHA approved 30 minute naps to stay rested and alert

Source: RJ Moore

#7. It looks like it’s wedged up there pretty good!

Source: Richard Pruitt

#8. "I feel like I trust the ladder pillar more than the one next to it..."

Source: Lizander Sanchez

#9. It's just a kid playing with his toy car. Hardly dangerous.

Source: Fletcher Warren

#10. It's all fun and games until until you hit a stump hole

Source: Kevin Phillips

#11. Need to get rid of that kidney stone? Here's a paper clip, straighten it out, wet both ends and insert.

Source: Krystal Nōne

#12. "I'm actually impressed he managed to get up there without bailing"

dumb work safety violationsSource: Sean Davis

#13. "I was trying to figure out if this was being used as a tiny water heater or if it is piping percolated coffee into another room."

dumb work safety violationsSource: Jamie Glover

#14. Never mind hiding it, who the hell is replacing their smoke detector?!

dumb work safety violationsSource: Ky Van Nguyen

#15. If that glass breaks so does he

dumb work safety violationsSource: Felipe Jr Rodriguez

#16. Thank you for working safely. Mostly.

osha violationsSource: Tom Wilson

#17. Whatever works, apparently.

osha violationsSource: ტარიელ მიაზგაშვილი

#18. It always sucks being the lightest person on a crew!

osha violationsSource: Trip Lupin

#19. Found in someone’s house

osha violationsSource: Jake Greencorn

#20. On this episode of 1,000 Ways To Die

osha violationsSource: Frank Bunge

#21. Peter Parker in his other day job as friendly neighborhood electrician

osha violationsSource: Elizanne Gardner

#22. Donald Trump found a new job! And he learned his lesson from the eclipse! Proud of him.

osha violationsSource: Bear Gohr

#23. Not just a job. It’s an adventure.

osha violationsSource: Ron Dunlap

#24. Calling ISO 45001, this is an emergency

osha violationsSource: Abdullah Ahmed

#25. Got your back, bud

osha violationsSource: Dalziel Chircop

#26. Hmmm

osha violationsSource: Noah Haley

#27. No you can't

osha violationsSource: Angela Olive

#28. No gloves though?

Source: David Noah Perkins

#29. Just fixing the AC, nothing wrong here

osha violationsSource: Preecha Pinsook

#30. Electrical… Approved!

osha violationsSource: Ca Hi

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