30 Funny Right-Place Right-Time Right-People Pics To Toast Your Brain

Many incidents take place in only a millisecond. This amount of time is not enough for us to understand what happened. Sometimes, things go on so fast and suddenly that our brains are nearly toasted while analyzing the situation. Nevertheless, some people still have a chance in case of holding a ready camera. They can capture a unique moment with only one click.
Timing is an essential skill of expert photographers, but amateurs can be lucky about that on occasion. A perfect-timing picture has the power to save our day. It is a lovely charm that turns even the worst experience into precious. Above all, it can be shared with family, friends, and many others.
Let's go over this gallery of perfect-timing photos collected from cyberspace! Some are obnoxious, some are funny, and some are purely significant. We guarantee you will barely see those scenes again. We cut the chitchat here, and there we go!

#1. Bridge collapsing

Source: u/Cute_noodles

#2. A year ago I secretly kept my wife's wedding bouquet. Today I'm giving it back to her.

Source: u/ButtKylerJr

#3. The Veteran's Day memorial in Anthem, Arizona at 11:11 am on 11/11 every year

Source: u/f1sh98

#4. Pics of a relative's cat in a Greek village about 3 years ago

Source: u/GousK_

#5. Lampposts in love sitting on a bench in Turin (Italy)

Source: u/Mick_Tz

#6. My girlfriend and I had pictures of our eyes taken in Krakow, Poland

Source: u/jchap95

#7. Walmart bike purchase

Source: u/abbbbbbbywhee

#8. Forward March! Except for that guy on the right!

Source: u/SilveradoSurfer16

#9. Common Tern (Sterna hirundo), male handing over a bridal gift.

Source: u/SelectiveCoach

#10. Grandfather and 3 brothers, circa 1940. Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: u/bfrickey

#11. Picture of the ground being fed dinner.

Source: u/keahlian8d

#12. A pilot with a snack

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: u/JMyers666

#13. Walking on water

Source: u/Moby-King

#14. Dragonfly landing on the nose of a water snake

Source: u/MTPokitz

#15. Just another wedding in Russia

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: u/seriesfeel55

#16. Many years ago now, my dog doing his best to catch a frisbee

Source: u/jcbouche

#17. Bug in real life.

Source: u/menesesnando

#18. "Now gimme that, you!"

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: u/bastard_vampire

#19. End of the bout

Source: u/9999monkeys

#20. Thunder and furry!

Source: u/skrillbert8

#21. Noticed a levitating man in our photo from the State Fair of Texas…

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: u/aeriecircus

#22. Children Love Having Fun.

Source: r/funny

#23. Excuse-Me?

Source: Adde Adesokan

#24. They Say That One's Joy Is Another One's Sorrow.

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: imgur

#25. A Huge Fart

Source: r/funny

#26. Even The Tails Are In Love

Source: imgur

#27. That Instance When The Foolproof Plan Backfired!

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: Mrsnef1

#28. Next Is The Storm!

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: reddit

#29. Just As Free As A Bird.

Source: reddit

#30. Who Looks Odd?

Right-Place Right-Time Right-People PicsSource: Imgur

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