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  1. 1. The Death Of Patrick Mullins
  2. 2. The theories
  3. 2. The most feasible answer for the mystery

Patrick Mullins's Death: The Answer For The Mystery

The final three episodes of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 are now streaming on Netflix. The seventh episode “Body in the bay” of the new season follows the story of Patrick Lee Mullins, a beloved school librarian and experienced boater who was found floating in a shallow area of Tampa Bay, carefully tied to his own anchor. There are a variety of theories surrounding this peculiar story. 

We’re doing a deep dive into the bizarre case of Patrick Mullins from the Volume 3 episode “Body in the Bay.”Here’s a brief summary of “Body in the Bay,” and the most feasible answer to the mystery.

1. The Death Of Patrick Mullins

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 On January 27, 2013, Patrick Mullins, an experienced boater, ventured out on his boat on the Braden River near his home in Florida. When he failed to return home that evening and could not be located by his family, his wife, Jill Mullins, contacted the Manatee County Sheriff's Office to report him missing.

Two days later, Patrick Mullins boat was found by search and rescue teams. The ignition was on, the boat was out of gas and Pat Mullin's belongings were on the boat but he and the boat's anchor were nowhere to be seen.

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 Upon finding the boat, the authorities believed there was no foul play suspected as there was no blood discovered in the boat. One week later,  Patrick Mullins's body was discovered by a local fisherman in shallow water in Tampa Bay. He had been tied to his anchor and had been shot in the head.

The medical examiner ruled Patrick Mullins's cause of death as "suicide" and detectives at the time pushed the narrative that Patrick Mullins had taken his own life. However, Patrick Mullins's family and friends have cast doubt on the police's theory, believing Patrick Mullins was killed. Eventually, Patrick Mullins's death was officially ruled as "undetermined."

2. The theories

The Wrong Kinds Of Knots

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 The fact that Mullins' body was discovered tied to an anchor raises another point against the Sheriff's Office's theory that he died by suicide. Dr. Russell Vega described the anchor rope as "an unusual mechanism" and voiced the opinion that it was entirely possible that someone "could have applied (the anchor) to one's self in a reasonable fashion." Mullins' family disagrees, however, noting in the Netflix true crime series Unsolved Mysteries that the knots used to tie Patrick Mullins to the anchor were not the sort an experienced boater would utilize. They believe that if Patrick Mullins' death was a suicide, he would have used a single knot to secure himself to the anchor, rather than the amateurish multi-knot arrangement that was reportedly used.

No Blood On The Boat

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 One point regarding the death of Patrick Mullins upon which both Dr. Baker and Dr. Vega agree is that it is highly unlikely that he died on his boat, regardless of whether his death was suicide or murder. Dr. Vega explained in the Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries episode "Body in the Bay" that they did not find any blood samples or spatter patterns on Patrick Mullins' boat after conducting a luminol test. Dr. Baker confirmed these findings, saying that "it would be almost impossible to do this and not get blood in the boat."

The Damon Crestwood Question

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 Damon Crestwood was a chef and former restaurant owner who was a friend of Patrick Mullins' brother. According to Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries' volume 3 "Body in the Bay" episode, Crestwood's behavior reportedly became increasingly erratic following Mullins' disappearance. Despite not being particularly close to Patrick Mullins, Crestwood began to suffer annual breakdowns around the anniversary of Mullins' death and reportedly began using crystal meth. Crestwood died of a crystal meth overdose in 2017 and was never seriously considered as a suspect, but Unsolved Mysteries makes a compelling case that Crestwood knew something about the truth behind Patrick Mullins' death, even if he was not responsible for it.

2. The most feasible answer for the mystery

As heard in Unsolved Mysteries, one major theory believed by Patrick Mullins's family is the idea that the encountered criminal activity on the Braden River and was killed by a gang who were moving drugs to silence him.

Twitter users also express their doubt on this theory

However, according to, a forensic expert was brought in to examine the case files and found it difficult to rule out murder as the cause of Patrick Mullins's death is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated celebrity and entertainment news.
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