16 People With Extraordinary Abilities That Many Can Only Wish

Who doesn't love to have a superpower? When we were young kids and addicted to TV shows about superheroes, we desired to develop majestic unnatural abilities. Then, we grew up and realized such extravaganza things didn't exist and we were mere human beings.
Wait a minute! We might be regular individuals that work and earn our living every day. However, it doesn't mean this big world declined to give birth to extraordinary existences. Several people are gifted with splendid talents that we can only imagine. Believe it or not, you will decide after checking out our list of superb capabilities that have been found over the world.
The out-of-this-world power, here it is!

#1. The Fastest Human Calculator - Scott Flansburg

Source: IMDb

Flansburg can mentally add, subtract, multiply, divide, and find square and cube roots almost instantly, with calculator accuracy. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for speed of mental calculation.

#2. The One Who Gots The Key - Derek Paravicini

Source: Shutterstock

Being blind, he had never even seen anyone play the piano, but he could copy tunes note for note. Blessed with perfect pitch and super musical memory, he can play any piece of music he has ever heard.

#3. A World Without Pain - Jo Cameron

Source: The Times

Jo Cameron is one of two people on Earth known to have a mutation that means she feels almost no pain. Her genes are studied to generate a new type of painkilling method.

#4. Miserable-Yet-Perfect Memory - Rebecca Sharrock

Source: PA Real Life

She can remember everything, every day of her life. Her brain has no capacity to forget. Her memories from the evening of 5 July 2005 are just as clear. It does get annoying. She gets headaches and anxiety.

#5. The Fastest Samurai - Isao Machii

Source: Guinness World Records

With his amazing ability to move a sword with seemingly superhuman speed and accuracy, Japanese Iaido Master Isao Machii holds multiple world records, including the fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts and the fastest tennis ball cut by a sword.

#6. The Artist Who Can Draw From His Memory - Stephen Wiltshire


Wiltshire, who is autistic and didn’t speak until age five, has a highly-developed photographic memory. He can memorize and draw intricate details of the Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Dubai, and New York City skylines after a brief helicopter ride over each city.

#7. King Of The Frozen Throne - Wim Hof "The Iceman"

Source: Times

Using the Buddhist meditation technique Tummo, Wim Hof keeps his body temperature steady while enduring extremely cold conditions. Hof holds twenty cold-endurance world records.

#8. The Lion Whisperer - Kevin Richardson

Source: Jackie Gouverneur

He can easily tame the kings of the jungles and can speak to big cats. Be it a ferocious cheetah or an intimidating lion, Kevin befriends them and makes them dance to his tunes.

#9. The Unsleeping Man - Ngoc Thai

Source: @TrongKhanhVu

In 1973 Ngoc Thai from Vietnam got a high fever, and since then he has lost his sleep. There is no medicine for his insomnia, and the doctors say that there are no side effects to his insomnia other than weak liver function. Despite carrying 50 kg bags of pig feed for 4 km every day his tired body doesn't go to sleep.

#10. The X-ray Girl - Natasha Demkina

Source: IMDb

Natasha has got an X-ray vision that can see through people’s skin. This Russian girl once told a doctor, where all his scars from a previous car accident were. However, many experts are skeptical of her ability.

#11. The Battery Man - Slavisa “Biba” Pajkic

Source: Cirque Le Soir

He can light a light bulb, cook sausages, and even ignite flammable material soaked in alcohol. He first set a record with Guinness in 1983, when he took a 20,000-volt discharge.

#12. The "Magnet Man" - Liew Thow Lin

Source: Twitter

He had the ability to stick metal objects to his body. He could cause metal objects, weighing up to 36 kg total, to stick to his skin. He also pulled a car using this ability. His skin exhibits very high levels of friction, providing a "suction effect".

#13. Jaspreet Singh Karl – “Rubber Boy”

Source: Ajay Verma

Hailing from Punjab in the north of India, Jaspreet Singh Kalra's signature moves include bending his legs so far backward that they rest on his shoulders and rotating his head 180 degrees so he is facing backward.

#14. Record-Breaking Big Mouth - Francisco Domingo Joaquim

Source: Twitter

The Guinness World Records has given Francisco Domingo Joaquim of Angola the title of having the widest and most elastic mouth on earth. In their most outstretched form, the lips of this man can stretch 17cm wide - over 6.5 inches. He can fit a whole can of Coke comfortably in his mouth.

#15. Can anyone else create a cloverleaf with their tongue?

Source: gymnast_sisters_au

If you can twist your tongue into a cloverleaf, you are gifted. It is one of the rarest tricks. Now you may be wondering, what percentage of the population can do a clover tongue? According to this study, only 14.7%.

#16. Physical Flexibility Can Be A Special Skill

Source: Imgur

Physical strength and flexibility are impressive. We have to work out every day to do half of what he did in this photo.
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