The 10 Scariest Parts Of James Bond Movies, According To Reddit

James Bond has experienced and witnessed some awfully bad things.
This is understandable given that the superspy has spent most of the last 60 years defending the globe against a never-ending number of villains determined to destroy it. For Your Eyes Only, one of Bond's spookiest missions recently celebrated its 40th birthday in June. In response to Roger Moore's previous outing, 1979's Moonraker, which sent him into space, the Bond creators created this terrestrial spy escapade.
At this point, the film series hasn't produced a full-fledged horror picture, but the Movies have dabbled in the genre. The Bond producers made a deliberate effort to firmly root For Your Eyes Only's espionage less in high-tech gadgetry and more in Cold War thrills in order to course-correct the franchise after that extremely over-the-top entry. Bond encounters a crossbow-wielding woman's vengeance in the film, as well as the KGB-connected bad guy who killed her parents. These significant stakes put our favorite spy in some genuinely unsettling and occasionally terrifying circumstances.
We have collected a few examples from various Reddit users to really demonstrate how scary and spooky some of these scenes can be.

#1 The Skull-Drilling In Spectre

James Bond MoviesSource: Spectre

In the film Spectre, Daniel Craig's Bond encountered Ernst Stavro Blofeld in a brand-new form. Bond is restrained to a chair and subjected to torture with a drill to his head after being apprehended at Blofeld's hideout.
"The one that unnerves me the most is the drill in Spectre," u/BlindManBaldwin said on a Reddit discussion discussing the scariest Bond movie moments. Something about drilling into the skull makes me nervous.

#2 The Opening Scene Of No Time To Die

James Bond MoviesSource: No Time To Die

Redditor u/Delawaredude1787 claims that the opening flashback in the most recent Bond film, No Time to Die, is the scariest scene in any Bond film. In the film's primary plot, Dr. Madeleine Swann's childhood trauma is acted out in this scene.
In the prologue, the evil Safin appears at Mr. White's remote cabin in the mountains wearing a spooky mask with the intention of killing his wife and terrorizing his young daughter, Madeleine. This tense opening scene would fit right in with a thriller about home invasions or slasher movies.

#3 Bloodthirsty Dogs In Moonraker

James Bond MoviesSource: Moonraker

Moonraker, a movie that was released to capitalize on Star Wars' popularity, launched Agent 007 into space. This intergalactic odyssey is regarded as one of the silliest and most fantastic Bond films. However, there is one moment that causes more fright than mocking laughter.
The scariest scene in the whole Bond series, according to Redditor u/IceLord86, comes from the scene in Moonraker where Drax commands his hounds to murder Corinne.

#4 The Dragon In Dr. No

Source: Dr. No

The first Bond film Dr. No was a great way to start the franchise. The eponymous baddie is the epitome of a megalomaniacal villain, while Honey Ryder is the classic "Bond girl." Reddit user u/LJReach claims that Dr. No has one especially terrifying episode.
A flamethrowing tank posing as a dragon attacks Bond midway through the film. The "dragon" emerges from the shadows and devours Quarrel, Bond's newest ally.

#5 Bond’s Near-Cremation In Diamonds Are Forever

Source: Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery's final official Bond movie is mostly renowned for its humorous tone that veers more toward Roger Moore's period than Connery conventions. However, there is one tense scene in which 007 is imprisoned in a coffin and placed inside of a furnace.
This scene "scared the living daylights out of me as a child, and even now, at 40, the minute I hear that creepy organ music, I fast forward," writes Redditor u/glittermustardmo.

#6 Baron Samedi In Live And Let Die

Source: Live And Let Die

In Moore's first Bond film, Live and Let Die, the evil Mr. Big is a drug king from Harlem who uses his New York drug company as a front to operate a frightening cult on a Caribbean island. A voodoo apparition named Baron Samedi aids Mr. Big in creating terror in the hearts of his followers.
"The Baron Samedi scenes at the end of Live and Let Die creeped me out when I was a kid," Redditor u/MSLI1972 wrote. especially when Samedi's "eyes" look up at the wound after Bond shoots him in the head for the first time. That was strange.

#7 The Exploding Head In License To Kill

Source: License To Kill

License to Kill, Timothy Dalton's second and last Bond film, is infamous for its brutal violence. To seek personal retribution against the drug lord who murdered his friend's wife, 007 leaves his official MI6 mission. The scariest effect in any Bond film, according to Reddit user u/SlobMarley13, appears in this film in the form of a head explosion.
Franz Sanchez, the antagonist of the film, pushes one of his thugs into a decompression chamber and raises the pressure valve to a lethal setting. Before his head horrifyingly explodes under intense pressure, the thug desperately tries to flee while wielding a fire axe. It's pretty nasty.

#8 The Funhouse Finale In The Man With The Golden Gun

Source: The Man With The Golden Gun

The Man with the Golden Gun's opening sequence, in which a mobster trying to assassinate Francisco Scaramanga is tricked into a funhouse and slain there, foreshadows the film's dramatic conclusion, in which 007 is also tricked into the same funhouse.
According to Redditor u/Remote-Orchid-8708, “When Bond enters the funhouse in The Man with the Golden Gun, it’s scary in a sense that there are so many props like those cowboys suddenly popping out and shooting and there were also laughing voices.”

#9 The Torture Scene In Casino Royale

Source: Casino Royale

With a grimy sense of realism, Martin Campbell's Casino Royale gave the Bond series new life. The only weapon 007 is equipped with is his intellect; he is not carrying any Q Branch technology. In the most horrifying sequence of the movie, Le Chiffre whips Bond while placing him in a chair without a seat, torturing him.
This moment has "fantastic acting [from Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen], but... I would not want to be in that situation," said Redditor u/FredererPower.

#10 Jaws

Source: The Spy Who Loved Me

Red Grant, Oddjob, Tee Hee, and Mr. Hinx are just a few of the memorable villains in the Bond film series. Jaws, who was originally observed working for Karl Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me and later returned by popular demand in Moonraker, is by far the most recognizable henchman from the series.
Even though Jaws is adored, his intimidating physique and metal teeth make him a terrifying on-screen presence. Redditor u/DrxnkMickey writes, “Jaws always scared me as a kid. I thought those teeth were terrifying.”
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