25 Hilarious Tweets From Parents That Make The Whole Internet Unite In Laughter

Without a doubt, parenting is a tricky job. Most of us cannot wait for our kids to grow up and move out, but when they eventually become adults, we will feel like our world is falling apart. Because that is when you realize you cannot turn back time, and the best thing you can do is cherish the moments you have with your children. So to save all these moments, they started sharing their daily stories on Twitter, and some of the tweets they make are absolute gems.
Today, we've gathered some of the Internet's funniest tweets from parents for you to enjoy. Continue reading because we think that everyone, not just parents, could find these tweets amusing. Because whether we are parents or children, we can all relate to the situations these parents described. So, without further ado, scroll down and prepare to laugh at these hilarious tweets!
Also, do you have your own parenting stories that make you giggle any time you remember them? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

#1. Oh man, sugar and caffeine. Good luck.

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#2. And it will change every week.

Source: copymama

#3. And again and again and...

Source: HomeWithPeanut

#4. Works like a charm every time

Source: simoncholland

#5. "I bet ya can’t do it thrice"

Source: CrockettForReal

#6. Ahh, so true

Tweets From ParentsSource: ElyKreimendahl

#7. Oh, he's good

Source: DCheverere

#8. Uh-oh

Tweets From ParentsSource: Average_Dad1

#9. See, this is why I have imaginary kids.

Tweets From ParentsSource: geesweetyeeks

#10. If only adult relationships were so simple

Source: HenpeckedHal

#11. Never too early to start setting financial goals

Source: marascampo

#12. "I’m not crying, there’s just a suitcase in my both eyes."

Tweets From ParentsSource: HenpeckedHal

#13. If this isn't what kids are for, then why would we have them

Source: momjeansplease

#14. And it doesn't change afterward.

Source: Chhapiness

#15. And at this moment he knew, he...

Tweets From ParentsSource: david8hughes

#16. This kid will go places

Source: JennyPentland

#17. At this point, the only chance to win this war is to write her out of the will...

Tweets From ParentsSource: GrantTanaka

#18. This tweet:

Source: DontWorryBoutB

#19. And this reply:

Source: Luckjones10

#20. Solid reasoning

Tweets From ParentsSource: LizerReal

#21. This. Is. Hilarious.

Source: Phil_Mattingly

#22. It's some real sad Keanu vibes here

Tweets From ParentsSource: kindofsquishy

#23. "It burns! Oh, my gosh, it burns!"

Tweets From ParentsSource: HomeWithPeanut

#24. "Raise the kids, spoil the grandchildren"

Source: Chhapiness

#25. She was probably thinking “Could you not cook?”

Tweets From ParentsSource: GoingByRenee

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