These 20 Times People Failed At Geography So Badly That Will Make You Laugh

The majority of us have been there: you publish something online that you are 100 percent certain is the whole truth... only to discover that you were wrong. You flinch. You begin to perspire. You come to the realization that you are a complete fool. of all places, on the internet! And now your error will live on forever in the r/facepalm subreddit, which is also known as the Internet Hall of Infamy.
There are a ton of big mistakes being made in the internet world. However, few of them are as upsetting to witness as when someone brags about having [cough] "deep" geographic knowledge. The posts you're about to read may cause anyone, even one with a basic understanding of geography, to lose a little faith in humanity. Put on your safari hats, scroll down, vote for the worst geo fails you've seen, and don't forget to express your unfiltered opinions in the comments! Just keep in mind not to feed the students in the F-grade.

#1 You Can Only Pity Such People

Source: aaravaryaman

#2 When You Dont Know What You’re Talking About…

Source: Weak_Significance_97

#3 Blindly Playing Yourself

Source: okiedokie64

#4 Virtue Signalling


#5 Yahoo Answers Might Be Gone, But We Still Have Quora

Source: tacolordY

#6 They Don't Teach Flags In High School Geography?

Source: beerbellybegone

#7 More Liberian Flag Confusion

Source: flopsychops

#8 America Is The Whole Globe


#9 Ah, Yeah. I Swear It's Always Us Americans Who Don't Realize There's A Country Called Georgia

Source: Waterburst789

#10 Ah Yes, "Time-Zones"

Source: kayserfaust

#11 Canada Is A Country In Eastern Europe! Read A Book, Bro


#12 Imagine Being This Uneducated


#13 Dunno What To Say


#14 Where Is Ukraine?


#15 Someone Didn’t Pay Attention In Geography Class


#16 I Posted A Picture On Another Subreddit About A River In The Country Georgia And This Person Had A Lot To Say


#17 A Girl At Work Drew What She Thinks The Map Of The USA Looks Like. She's Almost 30 With 2 Kids. The Nc Public School System Has Really Failed Her


#18 Someone's Geography Needs Some Upgrading


#19 Nordic Countries Misunderstood


#20 Geography


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