7 Big Stars Who Were Hired With Unbelievably Low Wage

Many famous people have decided to take on roles in films for relatively little remuneration after their recognition. It can appear that most actors have made a lot of money from their work. Still, you'd be astonished to find out how many famous people have worked for very little pay just because they wanted that particular role or were starting out in the film industry.

1. Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers

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Though she received praise for her performance as Ramona, the film's lead character, Jennifer Lopez didn't get paid for her role in Hustlers. The attractive singer and actress participated because she genuinely cared about the topic. 'I didn't get paid a whole bunch of money for Hustlers,' she admitted. I produced and performed it for no charge. In the words of Jenny from the Block, "I do what I love."

2. Jim Carrey in Yes Man

Source: Yes Man

In the '90s, Jim Carrey became a household name because of his numerous humorous film roles. Carrey took a different approach than usual for Yes Man, when he could have easily demanded a large salary. In exchange for zero dollars in salary, the actor agreed to take 36.2% of the film's gross. Even though Jim Carrey knew signing a contract of this nature was a huge gamble, he was willing to take it. The film's $223 million worldwide ticket sales demonstrated that investing in it was worth the risk for Carrey.

3. George Clooney in Good Night, and Good Luck

Source: Good Night, and Good Luck

George Clooney, who starred in but co-wrote, produced, and directed this black-and-white documentary, put in countless hours of unpaid labor behind the scenes. I was paid one dollar for writing the script, he said. I had to hand in my acting salary and endorse my directing paycheck. With his father as his inspiration, Clooney was eager to work on the film even though he was only paid $3 upfront. The film ended up receiving six nominations for the Academy Awards.

4. Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street

Source: The Wolf of Wall Street

For the sum of $60,000, Jonah Hill agreed to appear in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, for which he was later nominated for an Academy Award. Hill said he went out of his way to work with the filmmaker and, given the opportunity, would do it again. That's what they offered, and I told them, 'I'll sign the paper tonight,'" Hill said. For legal reasons, I want to sign them tonight before bed.

5. Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise

Source: Thelma & Louise

Brad Pitt, one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, was paid $6,000 for this one film appearance. His breakthrough came while filming Thelma & Louise, the first of many commercial successes he would enjoy as a leading man.

6. Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle

Source: American Hustle

Despite her Oscar win, Jennifer Lawrence claims she was paid much less than Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper for her role in American Hustle. While her male co-stars and director split 9 percent of the earnings, she only got 7. The actress said in an interview that she avoided conflicts to avoid giving the impression that she was "difficult" or "spoiled." Yet, she did raise the issue of women's pay inequality in the film industry, saying, "We have to be made equal."

7. Christian Bale in American Psycho

Source: American Psycho

In the 2000 suspense film classic American Psycho, Christian Bale played the lead role. The film was an instant hit, with much of the acclaim going to Bale for his performance as the film's protagonist, Patrick Bateman.
Later in an interview, it came out that Bale had been paid less than the minimum wage for his critically acclaimed role. He revealed that the set's makeup artists were paid more than he was, recalling an incident in which he was mocked for the disparity.
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