23 Extreme Close Calls That Will Make Even The Bravest Soul Flinch

Life is a gift, and we must be thankful for every day that is added to our existence because they're precious time we get to spend with family and friends. Especially after experiencing close calls, we realize the blessings and frailty of life even more. It's like there is something about those frightening and near-death experiences that will make us truly appreciate what we have and be thankful for the opportunity to have a second chance at life. Close calls are terrifying experiences, but if you make it through them, they will open your eyes to new aspects of life.
Here are 30 examples of people narrowly avoiding disaster due to quick thinking or sheer luck. From surviving a fallen tree to barely dodging a falling metal from god-knows-where, they are all moments that will make you say, "Whew! "That was close!" So let's buckle up and get ready to dive into all these death-defying moments that we bet will even make you look away. Are you ready? Let's scroll down and check them out. Enjoy!

#1. These are childhood fears realized:

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#2. Always check your gear, folks!

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#3. Jeez.

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#4. OMFG!!

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#5. Well... take your own conclusions.

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#6. Lucky girl.

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#7. OMG!

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#8. Whoosh!

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#9. What to do after a car crash?

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#10. This guy has a lot of luck.

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#11. Nailed it.

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#12. Death must have forgotten her!

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#13. And her.

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#14. This dad's reflexes save the day.

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#15. That’s why you always wear safety glasses.

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#16. When Jesus loves you very much:

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#18. When you drop your phone and it almost hits a land mine:

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#19. "We almost had a very bad day today."

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#20. These two car owners should play the lottery today. Not a scratch on either car.

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#21. 2 IN A MILLION! Neither nail touched ANY bone:

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#22. Close call.

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#23. "Had a near-deaf experience this morning:"

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