Star Wars Facts: 10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Played Stormtroopers

Even though working for Kylo Ren's First Order or Darth Vader's Empire may not be the ideal career in the "Star Wars" world, many people have wanted it throughout the years. In fact, appearing as a Stormtrooper is now a simple method to get some big celebrity appearances.
Over the years, there have been a number of well-known persons wearing Stormtrooper helmets, including beloved celebrities, music icons, and even genuine monarchy. Though not all of them were included in the final product, if you look long enough, you could come across some deleted scenes starring your favorite actors.
Granted, it might be challenging to identify their cameos. Due to the nature of Stormtroopers, identifying renowned voices as opposed to famous faces is usually enough. If they are even allowed to talk, that is. Naturally, it becomes a little difficult to remember and keep track of them all, but today, we did that job for you.
Here is a list of 10 famous people who have appeared in "Star Wars" as a Stormtrooper, or at least tried to.

#1 Ed Sheeran

Source: Game of Thrones

Ed Sheeran's captivating lyrics and upbeat music have made him a pop music legend. Additionally, he performed in the 2019 film Yesterday and the perennially popular Game of Thrones. He was Sir Cormac in the FX drama The Bastard Executioner and provided his magnificent voice to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2015).
The fact that Sheeran, who is most known for his singing, donned a Stormtrooper costume for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) might be seen as humorous (as shown in the behind-the-scenes film). But it's safe to assume that anyone would gladly forgo singing if it meant experiencing the majesty of Star Wars.

#2 Adam Pally

Source: The Mindy Project

Although Adam Pally may not be as well-known as other actors who have portrayed Stormtroopers, he has been in a number of notable motion pictures and television programs. Pally is most known for his role as Peter Prentice, a comic, on The Mindy Project. Additionally, he made an appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), and he will return in the sequel that will be released later this year.
Pally and Jason Sudeikis both play Stormtroopers, or in this case, bike troopers, and their acting lingo meshes remarkably well. They argue with one another, and their chitchat offers a fresh perspective on the soldiers, who are typically silent.

#3 Daniel Craig

Source: No Time to Die

Only James Bond (considered Daniel Craig's finest role) was given the opportunity to dress like a Stormtrooper in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Fans can recognize Craig in the movie as the Stormtrooper tasked with protecting Rey while she is confined by Kylo Ren, despite the fact that it can be difficult to distinguish between the many troopers.
In addition to playing the dapper 007, Craig has made quite an impression in the world of film. In Logan Lucky (2017), he played an escaped criminal with bleach-blonde hair, which was quite different from the spy who sipped martinis. Other notable performances by Craig include southern investigator Benoit Blanc in Knives Out and investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). (2019).

#4 Ben Schwartz

Source: Parks and Recreation

Ben Schwartz is difficult to picture as a silent character, especially considering that audiences had become accustomed to his incredibly loud and vocal performances (such as John Ralphio in Parks and Recreation).
He made further contributions to the final trilogy of the original franchise outside his appearance as a Stormtrooper in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. In addition to Bill Hader, Schwartz was a big contributor to the voice work for BB-8, the endearing Star Wars robot that expresses a lot of emotion.

#5 Jason Sudeikis

Source: Saturday Night Live

For his hilarious performances and eccentric character, Jason Sudeikis is well-known. For his performance as Ted Lasso, the star of the Apple TV+ original comedy, Sudeikis has recently garnered a ton of attention. Another well-liked comedy he appeared in with Jason Bateman and Charlie Day was Horrible Bosses (2011).
Fans would only have been aware that Sudeikis was a Stormtrooper if they were familiar with his voice (because, in a very rare occurrence, his character has a full-on conversation with his partner). In the Mandalorian episode "Chapter 8: Redemption" Sudeikis makes his Star Wars debut, and he and co-star Adam Pally.

#6 Gwendoline Christie

Source: Game of Thrones

One of the few Empirical warriors who can be distinguished from the rest individually is Gwendoline Christie. Throughout the whole series, audiences only hear her voice, but her portrayal of the nefarious Captain Phasma is indelible.
It was pleasant to see Christie in a role that was so different from that of her well-known Game of Thrones character, Brienne of Tarth, which many fans who recognized Christie's voice or knew of her role as Kylo Ren's go-to stormtrooper found. Fans loved to cheer for Brienne, who is undoubtedly a fierce warrior. They cheered when she died as Phasma.

#7 Karl Urban

Source: The Boys

Major science fiction and fantasy series are nothing new to Karl Urban. He has appeared in several films, including Star Trek, Thor: Ragnarok (2018), the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Boys, the Riddick films, and even Xena: Warrior Princess.
When Urban made an appearance as a Stormtrooper in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, he added Star Wars to his list of acting credits. Through his chameleon-like talent, he has played a variety of roles, including the dapper Dr. "Bones" McCoy in Star Trek, the obnoxious Billy Butcher in The Boys, and the long-haired warrior Eomer in The Lord of the Rings.

#8 Tom Hardy

Source: Mad Max: Fury Road

Another actor who has been in several high-profile Hollywood series and standalone Movies,is Tom Hardy. He played the lead part in the new Mad Max: Fury Road as Eddie Brock, nicknamed Venom, from the Marvel comics (2015). Additionally, he has made appearances in a number of Christopher Nolan movies, most notably in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Inception as Bane (2010).
Hardy did dress up as a Stormtrooper for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, but his cameo was eventually removed from the finished picture. Though his cameo was omitted from the version shown to viewers around the world, his scene is reportedly included in the bonus deleted scenes footage.

#9 Stephen Colbert

Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

The Late Program, which Stephen Colbert took over as host in 2015, is a renowned talk show whose sarcastic monologues and engaging interviews propelled him from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report.
Colbert's appearance as a Stormtrooper in The Rise of Skywalker (as reported by International Business Times) is welcome because it demonstrates that famous people who are known for discussing more somber subjects like politics are also huge Star Wars fans. Fans of science fiction and fantasy might also be surprised to learn that Stephen Colbert appeared as "Laketown Spy" in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013).

#10 Jamie Oliver

Source: NBC News' "Today" show

Jamie Oliver's appearance as a Stormtrooper in The Rise of Skywalker is one of the most interesting cameos in the Star Wars series (via CBR). While moviegoers won't be familiar with Oliver from movies or scripted television series, foodies and watchers of cooking shows will.
Given that Oliver has a non-speaking part, it's ideal that this is his first visible appearance in a full picture. Oliver is undoubtedly a superfan, much like the vast majority of people in the galaxy, but he is one of the select few who has experienced the Dark Side.
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