Expectations Vs Reality Cakes: 10 Of The Worst Cake Fails You Will Ever See!

Is any home cook here? Show me your arms! Who among the people reading my post has also failed at cooking? Have you ever experienced the feeling that you are trying to make a dish according to the online instructions but the final product has a 'super weird' look, making even the most serious people laugh? I would like to ask the bakers here: have you ever made a cake that you just saw and couldn't help but laugh? Many people around the world love baking and have tried making their own at home. However, the product they made was like a caricature that made people around "crying and laughing". While those are not the cakes to be proud of, the bakers have also shared pictures of their expectations vs reality cakes on the Internet for viewers to laugh with them.Here, we have compiled 10 images of cakes that are far from reality and have the funniest look to entertain readers after a stressful working day. Let's go!
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Snow White

Source: Know Your Meme


Unicorn cake

Source: BuzzFeed





Singer cake

Source: BuzzFeed


M&MSource: YouTube


Failed cake



Puppet cakeSource: ebaumsworld


Sad dog

Source: Sad and Useless


OlafSource: boredpanda



Source: Bored Panda

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