10 Times Fan Comments Got So Powerful They Changed The Whole TV Shows

Fans go crazy for their favorite TV shows, and they’re unafraid to let everybody knows it. Sometimes, their comments are passionate enough that they can change or even save the whole series from cancellation. When fandoms are united, they can be extremely persistent and ready to work relentlessly until their wishes are heard and fulfilled.
These are the moments when the comments from the fans have changed a theme song, altered a storyline, saved the whole show, or even raise money for a movie spin-off. Let’s see how impactful these comments are.

1. Lucifer

comments Source: Fox / Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The Lucifer fandom is quite a devoted fanbase. No wonder why they went bananas when they heard that the show was about to be canceled in 2018. Immediately after the news was released, #SaveLucifer became the No.1 trending on Twitter.
Their enthusiasm was enough for Netflix to take over and keep the series going. On top of that, Netflix also granted the fans what they wished to see the most: Tom Ellis' butt. They made an entire scene of naked Lucifer to boot.
Season five was supposed to be the last season, but once again fans managed to convince Netflix to give them another season. That was a powerful fandom right there.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

comments Source: Fox / NBC / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were devastated when they found out that Fox decided to not renew the show. There was a schedule conflict and Fox wanted to stream Bob's Burgers and Thursday Night Football instead.
This decision displeased not only the fans but also a lot of celebrities who loved the show. Their complaints and shocked tweets were enough to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine from being canceled. Terry Crews even joked that it was Star Wars star Mark Hamil who saved the whole thing, but later admitted that it was the huge wave of fans that made NBC step up and continue the series!

3. Game of Thrones

Source: HBO / Courtesy of Everett Collection

With Gendry's ongoing absence from the show, GOT fans were joking about his last scene a lot on Reddit and Twitter. The showrunners and writers found out about it and decided to go with the flow.
With Gendry's last appearance being him rowing away, they decided to create a line to acknowledge the jokes that the fans had been making. When Gendry came back, Davos said to him: "Thought you might still be rowing."

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

comments Source: The WB / UPN / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Originally, Spike was only supposed to last just five episodes and then become Angel's first victim. The Showrunner Joss Whedon wanted Spike to be an utterly heartless vampire, and he wanted him dead after a few episodes.
However, Spike’s fate was completely altered and saved thanks to the actor James Marsten and devoted fans of the show. James tried and successfully got the audience on his side by portraying a character that the audience could relate to. His performance was so moving that fans refused to let him die.

5. The Office

comments Source: NBC / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Speaking of alternative scripts, there was supposed to be a storyline in The Office whereby Jim became a co-manager. He was relentlessly sabotaged by Dwight because Dwight wanted Jim to get fired.
This made Dwight a straight-up villain in a negative light that wasn't just fun anymore, and the fandom hated it. They also hated that Jim lost what made him charming in this storyline. So in the end, the storyline never really happened due to the massive wave of backlash comments.

6. How I Met Your Mother

comments Source: CBS / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Fans of How I Met Your Mother everywhere went wild with the show’s ending. Their rage was easy to understand as they spent years finding out who Ted's mysterious wife was, only to discover that the story ended in tragedy. And Ted still ended up pursuing Robin. What the heck?
The backlash was so crazy that the creators of the show had to release an alternate ending, which was officially included in the complete series DVD box set. In this ending, Bob Saget as older Ted voiced a summary of the various events that led to Ted meeting Tracy. They showed us a montage of the different moments from different episodes through the seasons and ended it there. This implied that Tracy could have fallen sick but recovered at some point due to previous hints.

7. Jericho

comments Source: CBS / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Jericho was supposed to end just after one season, but the fans couldn’t let that happen. They discussed their plan in online chat rooms and came up with a brilliant idea: they sent more than 40,000 pounds of nuts to executives.
But why nuts? Well, the act was based on the line Skeet Ulrich's character uttered in the season one finale. When asked to surrender, he said "Nuts." The nuts plan worked. All 40,000 pounds of nuts were donated to charity afterward.

8. Gossip Girl

comments Source: The CW / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Fans loved Aaron Rose in the novel but hated him in the TV show version. He looked nothing like the character in the book. Aaron Rose was supposed to be a hippie who had dreadlocks, instead, we got something completely different on the show.
So Aaron Rose disappeared after the second season and was never spoken of again despite being Blair’s stepbrother.

9. Scrubs

comments Source: NBC / ABC / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The Janitor was initially a figment of JD's imagination, but fans loved him so much that in the end, the show creator Bill Lawrence decided to write him in as a real character.
Not only did the fan comments manage to save the Janitor, but they also convinced the show to keep the iconic "I'm no Superman" theme song. In season two, the crew decided to use a slower version which upset the viewers a lot. The original opening intro was reintroduced shortly afterward.

10. Veronica Mars

comments Source: UPN / The CW / Hulu / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Fans of Veronica Mars were unafraid to take matters into their own hands by using their own money to keep the show alive. After its announced cancellation, a Kickstarter was set up to fund not only another season but a Veronica Mars movie. One die-hard fan even donated $10,000. They had a brief cameo in the actual film as a thank-you for their generosity.
These fan comments are no doubt powerful. When they are united, the fandoms can completely change the fate of their favorite TV Shows. However, they aren’t the only ones who make history with their words. There are actors who don't follow the script and improvise instead. Their improvised lines are so good they become some of the most iconic moments in movie history. Check them out!
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