25 Parents Who Make Sure That Life With Them Is Never Boring

We have written a lot of articles about times when kids made their parents die laughing because of their cuteness and their innocent thoughts. However, we forgot about where their huge sense of humor is from. Of course, their humor is inherited from their parents. So, our post today is all about the moments when moms and dads made their kids' jaws drop. If you are interested in this topic, scroll down to check out funny pictures of humorous parents.

Many children around the world are sharing hilarious pictures of their moms and dads. And we have chosen some of the best pics for you. From the laugh-out-loud threat to their daily fails, these humorous parents have proved that life with them never gets dull.

#1. My dad refuses to dispose of this battery pack. He refuses to believe they can explode

Source: OriginWizard

#2. My mom everyone

Source: Aeydeetea

#3. Mom told me the rooster was after her today. Had to check the security camera to verify

Source: gypsypanthr

#4. Walked in on my dad solving a sudoku like this

Source: HighPriestCthulu

#5. I was served this onion ring tower while dining with my mom

Source: SuperCub

#6. Dad bought mom a new mask

Source: jeanlagrande

#7. My dad got rid of a perfectly functional mirror and put this new mirror unevenly

Source: Rndmdudu

#8. 1988: My dad was denied entry to a club in Mexico bc he was wearing shorts so my mom gave him her pants

Source: Casparslide26

#9. We have plenty of charging cables and my mom has decided to use this one

Source: spookidooki9

#10. How my dad uses his ipad

Source: shamspotato

#11. My mum is using her brand new phone as a stand for her old phone

Source: reddit

#12. My mom crocheted my dog a cigar

Source: Panixcx

#13. The way my dad puts things away in the fridge. This is a piece of steak

Source: itchy_buthole

#14. The way my dad cuts avocados

Source: IamAdogHi

#15. Dropped in on my kids’ Zoom classes - payback for all the interruptions to my work calls

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: esmithiii

#16. My dad’s phone. Left it to barge overnight, woke up and saw this

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: RedHot_Dragon

#17. My dad hung up a photo

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: DoctorYT152

#18. My dads screen protector on his phone

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: Dunked0n

#19. Told my dad to dispose correctly of his broken phone (the battery was expanding). Found it now, years later, hidden in a wooden drawer. It was still glued together when I last saw it

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: cla7997

#20. My mom only wanted the chocolate part

Source: xSummerxNightsx

#21. The time my mom tried to make booties for our dog and ended up making her look like a hooker

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: Bobby824

#22. I don't think my mom understands how her rice cooker works

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: Uedn

#23. My mom had a pic of my dad in her wallet like this

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: cuck_shed_lord_69

#24. Mom you are embarrassing me

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: notyouravrgd

#25. Mom has had enough of my little bro

funny pictures of humorous parentsSource: M_M_F_I_C

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