27 Hilarious Pics That Prove Why Letter Spacing Is Very Important

Have you ever been a victim of letter spacing in your life? Well, we bet your friend Clint has. You see, sometimes, either because of human error or a mechanical problem, the characters of a text snuggle a little too close to one another, or the space between letters becomes excessively large. Imagine seeing a sign that reads "Massage The Rapist" instead of "Massage Therapist," and we're sure you'd have mixed feelings. But why is this a big deal? If you’re not a typographer, why should you bother? Well, these 27 epic fails will show you why letter spacing is important not just in logo design but also in everyday handwriting.
From messing up people's names to awful sign mistakes, these failures will make you laugh as hard as they can. So we hope these will make you pay more attention, learn the basics, and apply them, or you might go down in design history.

#1. Happy birthday, Clint.

Source: reibusu

#2. Either exchange your child or... ahem.

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#3. Space bar, you had one job.

Source: unknown

#4. "Bull Titanus"

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#5. Happy birthday, Curt.

Source: applebottomgenes

#6. I'm sorry, what's broken?

Source: thingsImadeup

#7. Poor Clint, first his birthday cake now his Starbucks.

Source: unknown

#8. Good 'shrooms, bad kerning.

Source: flickr

#9. Bean outsider, but put them in a box.

Source: Sir-Frederick-III

#10. What a terrible day to have eyes.

Source: PsychicGamingFTW

#11. "Asking my kids what did they do at school tomorrow. Kids: we will do anal."

Source: tallforahobbit

#12. I'm a gine?

Source: maryamorevnas

#13. Is it a puzzle?

Source: kenwards

#14. This dentist needs an ophthalmologist.

Source: Megatrondj

#15. "Corporate told us to pull these off the shelves immediately."

Source: Pterodactyl418

#16. Thanks a bunch Don.

Source: balanceilimp

#17. Le Tits Now.

Source: Reddit

#18. God is nowhere?

Source: foxyllama8000

#19. What style of massage is this?

Source: EGoatMan

#20. We are anally.

Source: psil-cosyin

#21. "My hat has an awkward space in it that makes people question if I hate figs lol"

Source: radically-lily

#22. But how did they get a cow into that vending machine?

Source: 47paylobaylo47

#23. Is it a lewd photo-delivering service?

Source: sovietmetalhead

#24. When you eat too much curry for lunch...

Source: quackingrobot

#25. Never!

Source: daria_arbuz

#26. Interesting kind of flag.

Source: theapplefritters

#27. Oh, the irony.

Source: goodj037

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