30 Funniest Photos That Cast A Deceiving Spell On Your Bare Eyes

Our eyes are much more efficient than a decent camera lens. According to scientists, the average resolution of the human eye is 576 megapixels. That's huge when you compare it to the 12 megapixels of an iPhone 7's camera or the 48 megapixels of an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Everything appearing in front of our bare eyes is obvious.
It is a different thing when we get to know stuff via photos. Due to the light effect, angle, color, and tons of other conditions, a snapshot can be much more deceiving than the real thing. When you first look at it, your brain builds an illusion that hits it back and makes it re-analyze every detail. The more you stare at it and try to figure out what happens, the more mesmerizing it becomes.
If you find the truth hidden behind the tricky image, your brain will award you with a pleasing feeling. Hence, don't hesitate to check out the compilation below!

#1. You wake up and see this...

Source: u/Nervous_Rest_4750

#2. Light reflected on a puddle looks like another planet

Source: u/blubberyPeg95

#3. Ohio State coach hitting a fan so hard his head is backward

Source: u/CRich19

#4. Lips at the back of the head

Source: u/IsomericEggnog542

#5. Can’t believe how tall the new London busses are

Source: u/Vented55

#6. This is what happens when you feed seagulls

Source: u/snotfart

#7. This picture of a friend hiking makes him look like a giant sitting amongst mountains

Source: u/ProteanHog85

#8. Giant cat in transit.

Source: u/Outcasted_introvert

#9. What real love looks like

Source: u/uno_sir_clan

#10. He got the drip

Source: u/OwenRocha

#11. Is it see-through or not?

Source: u/Chocolate-Milk-Rater

#12. That's a cool haircut

Source: u/matt_faze

#13. Sad bearded man with a turtle hat

Source: u/Nervous-Juice-3263

#14. Long-legged Chicken.

Source: u/Sanelivonian

#15. Headless Man Catches Baseball (And he does it by having his teammate lift him up by one of his feet!)

Source: u/Fabulous_Bofa

#16. Mermaidowl

Source: u/Steve_Hufnagel

#17. "Wondered why my sister was pouring milk on her pickles..."

Source: u/ArmorAbby

#18. Clouds smokin up

Source: u/kastic1537

#19. A real head-turner

Source: u/talkintater

#20. A Quick Move To Steal His Wallet

Source: u/braddamit

#21. Can I just duct tape it?

Source: u/yttikat

#22. Chicago reflected in Lake Michigan from an Airplane

Source: apod.nasa

#23. Kitten was cut in half

Source: u/nazoomi

#24. Llama wearing a sweater‽

Source: u/SnarkLordOfTheSith

#25. Which way is up

Source: u/Greeky03

#26. Her waist isn't that tiny

Source: u/ya-boi-Dan

#27. P.A.W. BOX 420 Catskills, New York 11735

Source: u/Storae

#28. Fancy!

Source: u/awayenthrone91

#29. Cerberus in a parallel universe

Source: u/ElfinWithe160

#30. "Was confused why my daughter had a hideous pug sweater folded up in her backpack. It's actually Minnie Mouse." (upside-down)

Source: u/GrandeSizeIt

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