Top 10 Hilarious Celebrities That You Can Follow On TikTok Right Now

Our lives have been essentially taken over by celebrity TikTok. There. I said it, whether you like it or not. On the new app, we manage to spend even more time watching brief videos of individuals doing strange things, even while we still spend hours scrolling through Instagram or writing hilarious (ahem) tweets.
Thankfully, it appears that we're not alone. TikTok is excellent for discovering DIY instructions and cosmetic hacks, but it's also great for seeing what the world's celebs are up to.
Yes, all of your favorite famous individuals are also creating routines and sharing lip-syncing videos, so we are not the only ones doing it. These are the famous TikTok handles that you should be aware of. And before you ask, yes, you are welcome to scroll all night long and forever and ever, in the name of God.
Currently, TikTok is probably one of the best websites for following celebrities. Your feed will thank you for scrolling down to discover the funniest users on TikTok right now.

#1 Hank Green

Source: youtube

My favorite scientist on the internet is Hank Green. Green is a well-known author, scientific communicator, and businessman whose science films have assisted several kids in passing their high school courses. He is even more effective on TikTok. Green's films typically deal with science, although he occasionally posts videos on his page where he sings well-known TikTok sounds or duets with other people's videos.
On TikTok, Green is one of the most dependable users. People frequently tag him in videos asking him to confirm or refute specific scientific facts or claims. In response, he frequently creates a video in which he expresses his viewpoint on the matter at hand. Green's TikTok is a really entertaining and instructive location that never lets you down.

#2 Lizzo

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One of the celebrities who inspires the most people is Lizzo. She has always been incredibly self-assured and outgoing, refusing to allow other people's perceptions of her to define or even disturb her in the slightest. Lizzo is a three-time Grammy winner, and her music is frequently used to inspire dances and trends on TikTok.
Her TikTok portrays her as a stunning, boisterous, and vivacious lady. She enjoys sharing videos of herself dancing energetically, interacting with good and nasty comments from others, and partaking in the newest trends. On her TikTok, where she is free to be wholly herself, Lizzo's extremely entertaining and humorous attitude truly comes through.

#3 Joe Jonas

Source: twitter

Although the Jonas Brothers are sometimes seen as a unit, Joe Jonas, the oldest of the three, has actually emerged as a solo artist on TikTok. His TikTok page reflects his zany, somewhat unexpected nature.
On his website, Jonas is unexpectedly humorous, eccentric, and engaging, frequently making videos with his wife, Sophie Turner. He occasionally films with his two brothers, although he is the only subject in the majority of his work. Jonas frequently creates bizarre films, such as ones in which he visits Walmart, lip-syncs to popular music, or just flaunts his clothing.

#4 Nick Jonas

Source: whoispopulartoday

Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, has established himself fairly well on TikTok. Jonas lets his sense of humor emerge on his TikTok profile, offering his fans an insight into his true nature and what his real life is like, whether he is poking fun at cake videos or news items about himself.
Jonas always has fascinating material, and he enjoys changing things up. He occasionally uploads videos of himself singing, and other times he merely documents his struggles with TikTok. Whatever Jonas writes, it always keeps his followers and admirers interested and entertained.

#5 Doja Cat

Source: twitter

One of the modern celebrities that are most easily identifiable is Doja Cat. She is a singer and performer who has received Grammy and American Music Awards. Her style of humor is delightfully odd and hysterically juvenile. Her TikTok profile is distinctive since she frequently presents as if she isn't a famous person.
Doja Cat has a big following of fans who adore her work, with 23.8 million followers. She publishes a lot of amusing and interesting stuff, allowing her actual sense of humor and personality to come through. This includes partaking in the most recent trends and duetting other people's videos. Doja Cat occasionally posts the most bizarre videos on her TikTok account, such as ones of her sneezing and singing to her cat. People like Doja Cat, and thanks to her TikTok character, she is a very likable and amusing celebrity.

#6 Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch

Source: dailymotion

Even though Riverdale is one of the CW's most absurd programs, the cast is a social media pro. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch have a wonderfully amusing and weird combined TikTok account, even though they are each social media whizzes on their own. The connection between the three ladies is evident, and they have a very strong friendship dynamic.
Together, Reinhart, Mendes, and Petsch like sharing surprising and distinctive material, such as impromptu lip sync videos, on-set dance videos, and footage of them playing with their dogs. Their followers are consistently entertained by their hilariously erratic TikTok page.

#7 Simu Liu

Source: theglobeandmail

Simu Liu, who plays Shang-Chi in the popular film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel's first movie with an Asian-American protagonist, is one of the year's biggest breakout stars. Liu is renowned for being a master of social media, having revealed his Marvel character in an old tweet, shared amusing TikToks, and even recorded combat scenes with his pals on Instagram.
Liu signed up for TikTok when he was in quarantine after being cast in Shang-Chi. Even though he uses TikTok the least compared to his other social media platforms, he clearly understands how to use it properly since, in just two years, he has amassed approximately two million followers. Liu doesn't post on TikTok very frequently, but when he does, it's usually positive. Liu is always active on social media, sharing anything from homemade Old Spice commercials to behind-the-scenes images of Shang Chi to jokes about Asian parents arguing over the dinner tab.

#8 Ilona Maher

Source: kudapropal

Several Olympic athletes gained popularity on TikTok during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, but the American rugby player Ilona Maher was the best at building a sizable fan base there. Maher, who has about a million followers, delivers a variety of content on her TikTok. She occasionally publishes films that provide insight into her life as a rugby player; other times, she discusses her love life or her pals.
People enjoy Maher's work because, despite being a professional athlete, she candidly depicts the highs and lows of that lifestyle. She also provides a genuine view of what it's like for women to compete in sports, date, and defy conventional beauty standards. Maher is normalizing her experiences through TikTok, which is transforming the way people view female athletes and muscular women.

#9 Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon has developed into one of the most entertaining and current superstars on TikTok with the aid of her children. The versatility of Witherspoon's TikTok page is astounding. Although she seldom stays with one type of content, all of her Movies are amusing and enjoyable.
Surprisingly, Witherspoon, a two-time Oscar winner, keeps up with all the newest TikTok trends. Even her television show "Good Advice?" features her giving her viewers the finest parenting and acting advice she has to offer. Witherspoon frequently shares stylish, sporadic videos on the internet when she is not offering guidance. These films range from beachy trip clips to inspiring bits and postings about feeding her dogs.

#10 Gordon Ramsay

Source: Yahoo

In the kitchen, Gordon Ramsay is renowned for being stern, and his TikTok page is no exception. He has developed into a well-known TikTok user, succeeding not only in social media but also in the fields of culinary and reality TV.
Most of the films on his page show him responding to other people's food videos, and most of the time, he is utterly disgusted. He also records several TikToks with his daughter, Tilly, in which she frequently makes fun of his culinary abilities and claims that she prefers her mother's cuisine over her father's.
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