22 Incredible Photos Prove That No One Can Know All About The World

Our world is so big and beautiful that no individual can know all about it. The only thing we are sure of is this planet never runs out of wonders, from colossal magnificent natural sights to micro-sized existences. A couple of decades ago, people could see how beautiful the world was through thick encyclopedia books and several TV shows.
Nowadays, we have plenty of social media channels and high-tech cameras to record and share significant moments.These cool photos, which we have compiled, are about perfect timing, location, and a keen eye for detail. They capture spectacular scenes about this world that we can barely see again in real life. Surprisingly, those pics were taken and shared on the internet without being Photoshopped or edited by any app.
Some of them are surreal, some are creepy, and some will positively blow your mind. If you hope to understand the world better, don't miss this compilation!

#1. Ice Eggs – This Rare Phenomenon Occurs When Ice Is Rolled Over By Wind And Water (Northern Finland)

Source: scientificmindset

#2. Lava That Formed To Look Like A Pile Of Bodies Being Sucked Into The Fiery Void Of H*ll

Source: Reddit__PI

#3. The Road That Stopped The Fire

Source: Evgeniy Green

#4. This type of cloud is quite rare. It's called Mammatus or mammatocumulus.

Source: chakalakasp

#5. In Case You Haven’t Seen Spider Feet Up Close (these kinda look like cat paws)

Source: scientificmindset

#6. An albino peacock flying over a regular one, and it looks indeed his spirit or an out-of-body experience.

Source: olin_2

#7. Glowing Base Of Tree Made By Arranging Leaves

Source: Noerdy

#8. Yosemite Firefall. It's Actually Not Lava But A Ray Of Sunlight. This Only Happens For 1-2 Weeks Near The End Of February If There Is Enough Snow And Semi Clear Sunset. It Only Lasts For 10mins Or Less.

Source: rayophotography13

#9. Rare Cloud Phenomenon Over Eastern Victoria, Australia

Source: r/pics

#10. Under A Wave


#11. Devil's Bridge, Germany

Source: hinklefinkledinkledo

#12. A Crack In The Earth

Source: ClosingDownSummer

#13. Methane Bubbles, Abraham Lake

Source: Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris

#14. Two kilograms of fat compared to two kilograms of muscle

Source: scientificmindset

#15.Shanhaiguan District, where the Great Wall of China begins right on the shore of the Bohai Sea.

Source: scientificmindset

#16. People ascending Mount Everest, 2013.

Source: scientificmindset

#17. This Snowflake Center Looks Like The Star Wars Imperial Crest

Source: spicedpumpkins

#18. A Split Of Two Worlds Between The Architecture Of The City And The Green Of Central Park, New York

Source: imgur

#19. To See Flower In Water Drop

Source: Miki Asai

#20. Japanese Flower Phi At Its Finest

Source: Prost68

#21. Not A Painting – Just An Iceberg Flipped Upside Down

Source: scientificmindset

#22. Bagger 288, the largest excavator in the world.

Source: scientificmindset

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