27 Pics That Prove We're Actually Living In A Comedy Show

Life is hard, we all get that. You will never know exactly what is waiting for you ahead just to drag you down. There will be times when you feel the world is on your shoulders and want to reset it all. But life is also too short to be sad. Sometimes, when you expect nothing, there could be a thing that happens right in front of your eyes just to brighten your day. Indeed, if you're in a low mood, just look around. There is a very high chance that you may catch some unimaginable and hilarious moments that might make you wonder if our life is a comedy show and each day is an episode.
To get you through the day, we've collected a list of 27 photos to show you that life is full of surprisingly funny situations. Have a good time scrolling down!

#1. "How my 6-year-old daughter locked her diary..."

life is a comedySource: bltnr

#2. "My buddy is going through a divorce and just found out his wife's family is still using his Amazon Video after a year of her not signing, so he did this."

life is a comedy showSource: _MothMan

#3. "I think my husband was tired this morning because that is dog food, not coffee beans."

funny Source: CaptnChristiana

#4. "My best friend's grandma made these before she passed away to give out at her funeral."

life is a comedy TV showSource: False-State6969

#5. Peas and carrots

life is a comedySource: kathlachatte

#6. Thanks, Walmart Delivery

life is a comedySource: BricKatz

#7. "My girl is starting a war with the geese"

Source: Iuseahandyforreddit

#8. Employee Hose Down coupon?

life is a comedySource: mntoak

#9. "Wife cut her own hair today, almost gave me a heart attack upon opening the trash can..."

life is a comedySource: C4shFlo

#10. At a burger place in Frederick, MD

life is a comedySource: GrumpyGiant

#11. No baby on board

life is a comedySource: RealtywithBrianG

#12. "I found this aberration at Walmart. Seriously? A mollusk skeleton...?

Source: Mademoiselle_Va

#13. How you know they're straight

Source: FatallySpeciate358

#14. "Sign found on my local Starbucks display case"

Source: sweet-tooth4

#15. Carved pumpkins by Danish midwives at local hospital

Source: TinylittlemouseDK

#16. "Is Grammarly trying to get me fired?"

Source: nakedpanthersfan

#17. "This sign was mixed in with all the others in my neighborhood"

Source: nakedpanthersfan

#18. Has it occured to Thomas that he might be the problem?

Source: Gregos81

#19. Teacher in Philippines asks engineering students to create their own anti-cheating headwear.

Source: Vaganhope_UAE

#20. "Thanks, Apple. I’ll let her know."

Source: Parelius

#21. "Undoubtedly the best photo I took at my sister's wedding"

Source: BabyGroot1337

#22. "Was unpacking a lot of my cupboards and found this"

Source: AceyKacey119

#23. A great way to get some work done

Source: ngtstkr

#24. "Barista asked if she could make me a “surprise coffee, free of charge” and comes back with this"

Source: capt-nemo3

#25. "I didn't think I'd actually lose in a hide a seek game with my nephew"

Source: NOCHNOY_

#26. The future is here

Source: Dunkableballs

#27. Finally, this life is a comedy show which never ends

Source: pagsketti

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