25 Grandmas' Technology Fails That Make You Feel Badly Laughing

Our grandmas are so adorable. They love and take care of us from the very first day we were born. When we were little kids, we all waited for weekends when we could come to granny and be treated to good food and good stories. We love all these things about them but there’s one thing that is not mentioned as often as it deserves: their perfect sense of humor. The way our grandmas see and do things is often effortlessly hilarious, especially when they try to use technology. If you’re in touch with your grandmas on social media or via text messages, there is a very high chance that you may catch some funny moments when they are struggling with them.
Here we’ve compiled 25 grandma technology fails to show that they are too pure for this world. Check them out and have a good laugh!

#1. Proud grandma

Source: BirboBeep

#2. "How I’m going to start announcing my minor achievements"

Source: _raouldukee

#3. Hmm, you don't seem sorry?

Source: jacksrenton

#4. "Savaged by my own grandma..."

Source: timmyhawkins3

#5. Name this plant

Source: _teadog

#6. "My grandma is not amused"

Source: l1zardr0ckets

#7. "My Grandma's very first Facebook post"

Source: Hidden-Abilities

#8. "The first texts my Grandma ever sent."

Source: Grant__W

#9. "My grandmothers comment on my photo of me and my 15 year old cat"

Source: loveluh

#10. "Was just wishing my grandma a happy birthday and she hit me with this savagery"

Source: Bowlmaster15

#11. "We have you a scare"

Source: Im_The_One

#12. "My Grandma is my favorite person on the planet"

Source: Art_Areola4

#13. Good morning to you too, Grandma.

grandma technology failsSource: BananaVenom

#14. This mysterious grandma

Source: mynameisntpinky

#15. Something insightful grandma posted

grandma technology failsSource: n8_7h3_gr8

#16. Grandma technology fails are the best

grandma technology failsSource: anjo_bebo

#17. "On a photo of my fiance"

grandma technology failsSource: anjo_bebo

#18. Wholesome Sue

Source: pengis2958

#19. Sad times

grandma technology failsSource: pikadrew

#20. When emojis are banned so you make your own

grandma technology failsSource: xlopfdkf

#21. "Funny! Also, I’m dying."

grandma technology failsSource: Yamonomics

#22. Granny Donna is very concerned

grandma technology Source: StephDoesntCamp

#23. "I don't know Grandma"

grandma technology failSource: Sue_Flay

#24. Grandma said she was in the middle of the Atlantic late last night with no extra explanation.

Source: Adamsr71

#25. "We don't deserve Debra"

grandma technology failsSource: cyan_mik

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