8 Harsh Rules That Might Make You Bail Out From Being Rihanna's Assistant

Rihanna is a very successful singer, actress, and businesswoman. With sales of over 250 million records worldwide, Rihanna is the second-best-selling female music artist of all time. Aside from music, Rihanna is known for her involvement in humanitarian causes, entrepreneurial ventures, and the fashion industry. It is no argument that she is the dream idol, the queen of dance-pop fans.
However, you have better have a second thought if you wish to work side-by-side with her as an assistant. The pop star has harsh requirements for her right-hand girl. Plus, she designates several unimaginably outrageous tasks for her PA. Her former hired hands revealed some surprising secrets about their jobs when they were on her payroll. Let's see if you can put all checks on the list of requests to be Rihanna's underling!

#1. Strict dress code

Source: Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

When Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty brand, she published a joking employee handbook. One of the rules written there was a dress code for her workers. Everybody had to wear outfits according to their salary. Buying expensive clothes and accessories meant no more raise while dressing poorly meant someone needed better money management.

#2. Must be extremely organized

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When Rihanna went on shows, her PAs had to manage almost everything about how she wanted them to go on from makeup and outfit changes to other small details. James Corden sat in for Carolyn - Rihanna’s PA in 2021 for one night and nearly blacked out because of the A-game work.

#3. Learn some street smarts

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In addition to degrees, knowledge, and experiences, her work supporters needed to learn from her “street smarts”. You have to upgrade your management to the level where your soft skills blend perfectly with college lessons and street education. Her former ten-year assistant Jennifer Rosales said it was a lesson for life and worth it. 

#4. Know how to roll spliffs

Source: RihannaVevo

Rihanna is green-leaf-dependant. She needs to smoke to deal with her emotional swings. It’s no secret to her fans, but the revelation is she didn’t roll joints herself. Thus, her PAs had to do it for her.

#5. Sanitize the bathroom

Source: RihannaVevo

Rihanna is disgusted with sharing the bathroom. She asks her workers to make sure it is always sanitized if she isn’t the last one to use it. At least, the bathroom has to be clean and clear 100% before she uses it.

#6. Never forget a full roll of toilet paper

Source: @badgalriri

Toilet paper has to be full and folded before Rihanna uses the toilet. And it’s her PA’s job to make sure a full roll of paper is waiting for her.

#7. Cleaning-up skill set

Source: Harper's BAZAAR

The pop star does still hook up. After her nights, her PA has to clean up everything since Rihanna never cares to do it. The most ridiculous memory of Melissa about this, one of her best friends and her former PA, was checking Rihanna’s hotel to see whether she had had a lover the night before and then cleaning up anything personal left behind.

#8. Instagram perfection duty

Source: @badgalriri

Rihanna is running a colossal fashion brand, so it’s understandable that she desires a perfect Instagram. As her PA, you have to update events and upload her perfect pics. It’s your job to take the photos, edit them, and post them. Of course, if the process had flaws, the blame would be on you.
Which rule is the craziest to you? If it were you to be the singer's PA, how long could you endure her? Don't wait to share your idea in the comment section below! If you are interested in various exciting content, please hit the like-share button and keep reading more posts on our site!
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