23 Funny Introvert Memes For Those Whose Social Battery Is Already Dead

If there are two types of people in the world, introverts will probably avoid both at all costs. Most of the time, they hate it when they have to join a conversation, participate in an event, or just simply go out in public places where interacting with others is inevitable. Introverted people want to stay in their safety zone forever, doing whatever they want without freaking out at the smallest things for no reason. Shout out to those who may think they're weird, we are here to assure you that there is nothing wrong with prioritizing and protecting yourself from what scares the heck out of you. We all know that you feel insecure and worried if you're being watched and judged, so why not spend some time alone? Some might wonder, how do introverts communicate with others if they are only okay with hiding in their shells? FYI,  introvert memes are always a perfect solution.
We’ve collected 23 best introvert memes from the subreddit r/introvertmemes for all the introverted folks out there. Check them out!

#1. "It’s the opposite that puzzles me"

Source: dave_aj

#2. If it's meant to be...

Source: milky_eyes

#3. True introvert

Source: Oscypek13

#4. As a matter of fact

Source: iameerhamza

#5. "I don't care, and I'd still say Yahoo! at the end of the day"

Source: Silent-Run1831

#6. Extroverted? Here's how to be less invasive and annoying!

Source: milky_eyes

#7. *voice cracks* yEs

Source: ignisfatuus_

#8. Thank God!!!

Introvert MemesSource: Odd-Seaworthiness-88

#9. "Where's a hole I can crawl into?"

Introvert MemesSource: TheWildColonialBoy1

#10. "That would be so great hanging on my front porch, lol!"

Introvert MemesSource: BearsAndFelines

#11. Both times the internal answer is yes

Introvert MemesSource: IamAkshaya

#12. "I hate those open-ended questions. I don't have any problem telling you, just be specific!"

Introvert MemesSource: Current-Ambition3729

#13. Introvert hack!

Introvert MemesSource: darkcocoabutter

#14. Takes one to know one!

Source: zoe-or-zelda

#15. "At this point in my life, the friends who have remained know the deal."

Relatable Introvert MemesSource: -Black-and-gold-

#16. "Avoiding is what I do best"

Source: audreyrose-cozyprint

#17. "Imma have to stop you right there..."

Introvert MemesSource: reddit

#18. "Yeah that’s me. I’m not antisocial I’m selective social, I choose when and who to have fun with"

Memes for introvertsSource: ignisfatuus_

#19. Can confirm

Funny Introvert MemesSource: JointExplosive

#20. It's happening!

Source: sopadebombillas

#21. "Me even though nothing is happening"

Introverted People MemesSource: mo_leahq

#22. "The house is burning... I should stay home"

Introvert MemesSource: 99zakya

#23. It’s so exhausting

Introvert MemesSource: mo_leahq

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