The Most Hilarious Moments Of Jason Statham's Characters

I recently said that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ought to act in more comedies because nothing is funnier than a tough guy making fun of himself or saying the most absurd, ludicrous lines that would make Will Ferrell envious.
Everyone's favorite gritty English actor, Jason Statham, excels at doing this, and he does it extremely well. Statham has, like The Rock, been cast in more serious parts than funny ones, but we hope this trend soon reverses itself because it's entertaining to watch him spout British slang.
Here are some of the funniest times that the man who previously appeared on TV as a kaiju appeared.

1. As Deckard Shaw in Hobbs & Shaw, part 1

Apparently elephants don't actually eat peanuts. Deckard Shaw, on the other hand, doesn't, yet his taunts directed towards Hobbs, played by The Rock, are nonetheless entertaining.
We wouldn't mind witnessing him perform that Irish jig while performing a song about bungholes or something similar in real life.

2. As Chev Chelios in Crank: High Voltage

In this scene, Chelios saves the dog from the cruel owner by donning the electric collar himself and barking hysterically while he is zapped. Not by any means the weirdest thing his character has done, but undoubtedly among the funniest.

3. As Rick Ford in Spy, part 1

This list is replete with sequences from the critically acclaimed 2015 action comedy, which should come as no surprise to anyone.
Rick Ford is just as amusing as his fellow comedic players in this movie, thus it would be easy to write an entire article about just his funny moments. We like Statham's portrayal as a complete moron.

4. As Deckard Shaw in Hobbs & Shaw, part 2

Yes, the joke about Shaw being unable to unlock the door while scanning each battered man in turn was smartly written, but Statham's expression as his character tries to seem cool about the plot going wrong only makes it funnier.

5. As Rick Ford in Spy, part 2

Rick Ford gatecrashes the CIA operation in Budapest while posing as a European cop and donning shoes he can't possible walk in. Also includes some excellent White Guy dancing and a clumsy scheme that only Ford could think of.

6. As Turkish in Snatch

The ongoing joke that Statham tells about Tommy's apparent aversion to "zee Germans" is hilarious, and it's fun to observe his continual expression of restrained annoyance.Additionally, Statham doesn't seem to like playing characters with typical, uninteresting names, therefore he plays an Englishman with the name Turkish.

7. As Deckard Shaw in Hobbs & Shaw, part 3

However, Statham's remark about The Rock's visage being so awful that it feels like "God is projectile vomiting straight in my eyes" is next-level OTT.
Many of the jabs Hobbs and Shaw level at each other in this sequence are of the low-hanging fruit sort. His delivery is perfect, especially that final whiff of mischief.

8. As Bacon in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Statham was able to showcase his selling prowess in the first sequence of his debut film (Guy Ritchie cast him because Statham used to be an actual market seller). Experience is one thing, but it was clear from the way he dropped joke after joke that the cockney can do comedy.

9. As Chev Chelios in Crank: High Voltage, part 2

In Statham's Crank films, the absurdity of, well, pretty much everything is where the humor is to be found.
The best part of this scene in High Voltage is the decision of Chev Chelios to go full kaiju, only to look like Mickey Rourke and Frankenstein had a kid. The scenario is replete with hilarious moments, including Statham flying through the air in slow motion.

10. As Rick Ford in Spy, part 3

Rick Ford does it better than any other field agent. Or, more precisely, no field agent does it quite the way Rick Ford believes he does. His tale of a crime ring that consumed poison is hilarious, but it's his utter incompetence in almost everything he does that makes him a classic action comedy character.

11. As Rick Ford in Spy, part 3

You're lying if you say you don't want to see Jason Statham in a real Face/Off movie. This man is quite serious.

12. As Rick Ford in Spy, final part

Rick Ford certainly won't stop until he comes up with the most creative way to construct a computer, even if it's all in his head.
Choosing which of his absurd claims—learning to play the piano at a late age, playing in a Cirque du Soleil act with two broken legs, or reattaching his own arm—is most amazing is a difficult challenge.
Because of this, every Statham and this film fan will never stop fantasizing about a follow-up with McCarthy as a no-holds-barred field agent and her renegade sidekick Rick Ford, who has likely gone undercover in some Eurovision band.
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