20 Hilariously Absurd Signs That Will Make You Roll In The Aisles

What often do you do to keep yourself motivated and energetic at work? Some often spend their weekend hanging out with their loved ones. Others award themselves special gifts for their effort. Yet others find that only scrolling through the Internet is enough to fulfill their energy level. The Internet is a fantastic place where you can find a huge source of Entertainment. If you don't have much time, instead of getting lost for hours on the Internet, you can check out some hilariously absurd signs in the collection below.

All of these hilariously absurd signs are collected after we had a little diving into The Absurd Sign Project Facebook group. The group is dedicated to celebrating pics of the most absurd signs that have ever appeared on the Internet. These signs are so amusing that they will make you laugh till your belly hurts.

#1. That is brilliant!

Source: Andy Roman

#2. Wait...

Source: Lorde Floome

#3. Calm down

Source: Kathy Sands

#4. Some best kinda medications

Source: Lorde Floome

#5. Oh those poor kids

Source: John Eggleston

#6. How polite

Source: Joseph Vorel

#7. Hey

Source: Monica Downard

#8. Sounds good

Source: Steven Anter

#9. This was totally intended

Source: Shubham Kamble

#10. Recalculating...

Source: Eline Haverkort

#11. "By order of life's too short"

Source: Katherine Pearson

#12. Spiderman factory

Source: Andy Roman

#13. Let the panel identify however it likes

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: Garry Sylvester

#14. Okay, step 4 done! After several hospital trips...

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: Pete Dobson

#15. Agreed

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: Gary McElligott

#16. Haha

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: Hugo Besteiro

#17. No emergencying, please

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: அக் ஷய்

#18. Love magic doors!

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: James Bonifacio

#19. Clever

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: Carlos M. Serrao

#20. Sure

Hilariously Absurd SignsSource: Bob McIntyre

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