These Ridiculous Choosing Beggars Will Definitely Drive You Up The Wall

Ironically, it's the twenty-second century already, but what seems to be very ordinary and human is to "know your limit" still can hardly be seen in some people. They just completely lack common sense and can't be reasoned with. We all know beggars can't be choosers, but some may be unaware of that and are called choosing beggars for this reason. It’s okay to ask others for help and it’s also okay for them to turn down your request for whatever reasons. However, some people live in their own imaginary world in which their needs must be prioritized and everyone must understand this rule. They just can't stop asking for unreasonable things and show disrespect if their demands are not met. There is even a subreddit titled r/ChoosingBeggars where everyone can post “screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when begging for things.”
Here we’ve collected 27 choosing beggars that are so picky and disturbing, they’re actually funny. Have fun checking them out!

#1. "Cmon man I thought we were mates"

Source: danielmarkwright

#2. "My old friend blocked me for not giving him my Air-Pods."

Source: ma-kat-is-kute

#3. Not THAT ketchup.

Source: jpdickey

#4. "For those who can't make it for me"

Source: Justin1387

#5. "Don't even bother giving me $100"

Source: TheMemeDetective

#6. "How dare you not have the top quality food and beverage for me, for free?"

Source: gc144

#7. "A "friend" asks me to vote for her in a beauty pageant, where I pay $1 for 1 vote. Proceeds to ask for 1600 votes."

Source: popcorn_shmopcorn

#8. Can you please deliver that free item for free?

Source: jaxond24

#9. Love that they really wish you had Netflix, but will take Hulu if it's all you've got|

Source: BlindKraken

#10. "A FB friend said they couldn't afford to eat after their boyfriend moved out, I offered to send them food"

Source: addpulp

#11. "Neither of my rent or bills can be paid in exposures."

Source: cooladventures5

#12. "Friend occasionally goes through my photos on social media and asks for my clothes"

Source: HotMess-Express

#13. "Asked a "friend" for a coffee when visiting the city he's living in a while back and was amazed by his response."

Source: zbot_881

#14. "I finally caught one in the wild."

Source: jackobyvilla

#15. Waitress only accepts tips over 10$

choosing beggarsSource: BigJ3sh

#16. There's always one.

choosing beggarsSource: riceballdono

#17. Friend won’t pay for art because she could ‘get it for free’

Source: lolonetimeacc

#18. "I tried to give away two harnesses that no longer fit my dog. Did not go well"

choosing beggarsSource: littlebossman

#19. "Wants me to use my company account to loan him money"

choosing beggarsSource: SurgicVFX

#20. "Because it was free"

choosing beggarsSource: reddit

#21. Not your usual ChoosingBeggar

choosing beggarsSource: catsondre

#22. Customer is upset that a mattress store won’t… help them move…?

choosing beggarsSource: douchebaggery__

#23. Choosing beggar at Walmart wants to add groceries

Source: reddit

#24. Girl on Tinder wants Korean BBQ

choosing beggarsSource: plaid-knight

#25. They could have the house paid off in just 125 years

Source: headee

#26. Choosing beggars: Halloween Edition

choosing beggarsSource: reddit

#27. My ex that I haven’t talked to in 6 months had to audacity to ask to renew MY Netflix account so she can use it

choosing beggarsSource: drashtant23

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