Top 10 Best Football Leagues In The World According To Statistics From FIFA

The most popular and widely viewed sport on earth is football. One example of a pyramidal structure is the Football League. It is constrained by the promotion and relegation principles. The superior clubs progress while the inferior clubs decline. There are several leagues that operate under the aforementioned concept.
More than 212 networks are live-broadcasting it, and 4.7 billion people are watching it. The most competitive and well-liked sport worldwide is often football. The league that spends more money tends to draw more attention than the one that spends less.
With so many leagues out there in the world, you may be wondering “Which football league is the best?” Based on national pride and the aesthetics of the game in each country, this topic may start a discussion that will never come to a conclusion.
We choose to look at some of the statistics that contribute most to the game and develop a ranking based on that approach rather than debating whose league looks better while watching it. Here are the top 10 football leagues in the world according to statistics from FIFA.

#1 English Premier League – England & Welsh

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The Premier League stands on top as the dominant league in England. The English Football League (EFL), which uses a promotion and relegation system, features 20 clubs in total.
In addition to being one of the most well-known football leagues, it also contains the English Premier League broadcasters, who are well-known on a global scale. In addition, this league has produced some of the greatest Premier League champions in history.
38 games are played by each side from August to May. (all 19 teams play both at home and away). The most popular times of day for gaming are Sunday and Saturday afternoons. Games from the Premier League are aired in 212 different countries, reaching 643 million households and a possible 4.7 billion viewers.
The Premier League is at the top of all league coefficients that UEFA has gathered over the last five seasons. Teams from the Premier League won the UEFA Champions League six times between 1992–1993 and 2020–21. (and won seven runner-up spots).

#2 La Liga – Spain

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The National First League League Championship is the top professional division in Spanish football. In addition to being one of the most well-liked, this league is currently home to some of the wealthiest football clubs in the world.
The Liga Nacional de Futbol Profesional, which consists of 20 clubs, oversees this league. Each season, the lowest three teams are demoted to the Segunda División and are replaced by the top two teams from that division. 62 teams have competed in La Liga since its start.
The La Liga title has only been won by nine teams thus far. Barcelona currently has 26 championships, while Real Madrid has 34. In the 1940s, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Valencia, and Atlético Madrid were the top teams.
One of the top soccer competitions in 2022 is La Liga. Additionally, the top La Liga scorers right now are among the all-time greats in this game. La Liga drew 26,933 spectators on average per game during the 2018–19 season, placing it among the top professional sports leagues worldwide.

#3 Bundesliga – Germany


Bundesliga season is eagerly anticipated by German football fans each year. The Bundesliga is the top-tier German soccer league system's main football tournament. Additionally, the Bundesliga's best scorers are well-known across the world.
Each of the 18 teams in the Bundesliga is promoted and demoted in line with the procedure for promotions and relegations. A few games are played on weekdays, but the majority are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Participants in the DFB-Pokal come from all Bundesliga teams.
A DFL Supercup qualifier for the Bundesliga is automatic. The Bundesliga has the largest average attendance of any sport. Additionally, it has already been home to some of the greatest football players in history.
It was second only to the NFL in terms of global attendance in the 2011–12 season with an average of 45,134 spectators per game. Dortmund established the Bundesliga in 1962, and the inaugural campaign got off in 1963.

#4 Italian Serie A – Italy


Serie A, Italy's premier professional competition, presently has 35 clubs participating in it. The Scudetto and the Coppa Campioni d'Italia are awarded to winners. Round-robin play was used for this competition starting in the 1929–30 season.
Prior to 2010, when Lega Serie A was established for the 2010–11 season, the league was governed by Lega Calcio and the Directorio Division Superior. In 2022, Serie A will be regarded as one of the world's best football leagues by football enthusiasts. Additionally, it serves as the home league for the most prosperous football teams in Italy.
The league is said to as a tactical league with strong defense. The Italian Serie A league was regarded as the most significant league in the world in 2020 by IFFHS, and third in Europe by UEFA's league coefficient.
Regional and interregional tournaments have been replaced by a single level in the Italian Football Championship from 1929–1930. The FIGC accords the same weightings to amateur championships won before 1929 as it does to those won after that year.

#5 Ligue 1 – France


Ligue 1 football teams participate in top-tier European leagues. The highest division of the league structure serves as French football's main rivalry. And ever since it opened, some of the most well-known football players have lived there.
The Ligue de Football Professionnel is in charge of running Ligue 1, which features a promotion and relegation system and is played out amongst 20 clubs. On November 11, 1932, the league was established as the National before changing to Division 1 a year later.
The group began operations in 2002 and quickly rose to the top of the soccer competitions. The club with the most consecutive victories in France (seven between 2002 and 2008) is Olympique Lyonnais, while AS Saint-Étienne has won eleven national championships.
Olympique de Marseille has played in Ligue 1 for 71 seasons, making them the league's most successful team. The league's longest-running winning streak belongs to Paris Saint-Germain, who have played in 47 straight seasons (from 1974 to the present).

#6 Eredivisie – Netherlands


The Eredivisie is the highest tier of professional football in the Netherlands. The Dutch league was established in 1956 following a major upsurge in professional football in the Netherlands. Since then, some of the most well-known goals in football history have occurred there.
The Eredivisie features competition between 18 clubs. Each team plays the other twice throughout the season, once at home and once away. The Eredivisie champion receives the Dutch national title.
The most national championships of any team in one of the top football leagues have been won by Ajax, with 35. Feyenoord is in third place with 15, while Eindhoven PSV is in second with 24.
Since 1965, there have been three exceptions (AZ won the 1981 and 2009 titles, and in 2010 FC Twenty won the title). The three "Big Three" teams in the league—Ajax, PSV, and Feyenoord—have led Dutch football fans to refer to the league as "The Traditional Top Three."

#7 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A – Brazil


Brazil's Championship Series A, the premier professional league in the nation, is where football clubs compete. It serves as both the country's main football tournament and the highest tier of its league structure.
It has hosted some of the most prosperous South American football clubs ever since it was founded. Some of the most gifted Brazilian stars of all time now call it home.
Taça Brasil, the original name of this league, was established in 1959. And in 1971, a fresh and more popular format was added to the previous league. The Brazilian Football Confederation now oversees this league.
The most successful team in this league is Palmeiras, who have won 10 times and finished second four times. Santos has also had success, winning 8 championships and taking home another 8 runners-up medals.

#8 Primeira Liga – Portugal


Primeira Liga, sometimes known as Liga Portugal Bwin for sponsorship purposes, is the top level of Portuguese association football. Competitions are monitored and planned by Liga Portugal, the country's professional football's regulatory body.
The two clubs who finish in the lowest two spots in this league are replaced by the top two non-reserve teams in the Primeira Liga, which has 18 teams as of the 2014–15 season. It has also seen some of the finest Portuguese players ever play since its founding.
The Championship of the League of Primeira Division, an experimental (now official) league that was established in 1934, was renamed the National Championship of Primeira Division from 1938 until 1999, when it adopted its current name.
In the more than 70 years that the Primeira Liga has existed, only five clubs have claimed the title of champion. All of the Premier League championships have been won by Sporting CP (19 victories), Porto (29 victories), and Benfica (37 victories), making it one of the top football leagues.

#9 Argentine Primera División – Argentina

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The Primera División, Argentina's premier professional football competition, is run by the Argentine Football Association (AFA). The Primera División is both the highest tier in the Argentine football league structure and the top football division in Argentina.
Some of the finest players that competed for the most successful Copa America teams have already participated in this competition. It continues to host some of the brightest football prospects today.
The promotion and relegation of several Premier League (second division) teams occur often. The MLS, one of the top football leagues, is anticipated to replace this league in a few years owing to its stagnant development in recent years.
The first nation outside of the United Kingdom (where the Football League was created in 1888, followed by the Scottish and Irish Football League in 1890) to create its own league was Argentina, which staged its inaugural championship in 1891.

#10 Major League Soccer (MLS) – USA


The U.S. Soccer Federation's primary association football league, known as Major League Soccer (MLS), is regarded as the highest division in the United States and Canada.
It presently has 27 team members, 24 of them are Americans and 3 are Canadians, and by 2023, it hopes to have thirty. The league's administrative center is in Midtown Manhattan.
Even David Beckham, the most wealthy footballer in the world, made an investment in the league and founded a team. Soccer superstars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Velasquez, and others have all participated in the league since many of them view it as their retirement league.
The stadiums in this league are already among the biggest in the globe. The MLS is one of the top football leagues in the 2022 rankings and has a bright future.
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