All About Isabela Madrigal: The Girl "Stuck Being Perfect The Whole Life"

Isabela Madrigal has a significant role in Disney's 2021 animated feature picture Encanto upon its arrival to Disney+, Encanto soon became a sensational hit online as fans became enchanted by the stunning soundtrack and heartwarming story. She is Agustin and Julieta Madrigal's eldest daughter and the older sister of Luisa and Mirabel. Isabela, nicknamed "Señorita Perfecta" by her younger sister, is the golden child of the Madrigal family, endowed with the ability to conjure gorgeous flowers and plants.
Isabela Madrigal is undeniably one of, if not the, most obnoxious characters in Disney's Encanto. Her picture-perfect appearance and supposedly immaculate existence appear to be as irritating as possible, and her rivalry with Mirabel doesn't help her appeal. Isabela's hatred towards Mirabel is not justified in any way, yet she may have had a valid reason for it.

#1. Isabela Encanto Background

Isabela Madrigal BackgroundSource: Pinterest

Isabela Madrigal is the oldest Madrigal grandchild by a few weeks at 21 years old. She is one of the shortest Madrigals, standing at only 5’3″ (160 cm), making her considerably shorter than her betrothed fiance Mariano. Like the rest of the Madrigal family, Isabela carries her burdens. Arguably, even more so than the other grandchildren as she is the oldest, making her responsible for producing an heir first and keeping the Madrigal family legacy running.

Isabela can control flowers, making her appear very sweet and feminine. But as Encanto progresses, we see that Isabela feels forced to be this way because of her gift and that she has an edgy side she doesn’t show to anyone except Mirabel. Though this edginess comes across as cruel, causing a big rift between Mirabel and Isabela.

#2. Personality

Isabela Madrigal PersonalitySource: Tenor

Isabela is well-known for being graceful, gorgeous, and even "perfect" on the inside and out. Isabela cares about them and wants to do whatever it takes to make them proud. Willing to give up her life and happiness for her family. Demonstrating her unselfish and devoted nature. While she is visibly estranged from Mirabel for the majority of the film, she does not have the same strained connection with her other younger sister, Luisa, and is on good terms with her. Dolores, Isabela's cousin who is a few weeks younger than her, is treated as if she were her sister.
For the majority of Antonio's gift ceremony, she is seen holding Dolores' hand and hugging her reassuringly. Isabela is one of the few people who does not dislike her infamous uncle Bruno, partly because he has a positive vision for her future.

#3. Physical Appearance

Isabela PhysicalSource: Pinterest

Isabela is a 21-year-old Colombian woman with dark skin, hazel eyes, a tear-shaped beauty mark on her left cheek, long, shiny black hair with a pink flower on the left side, and diamond earrings, is a young Colombian woman with dark skin, hazel eyes, a tear-shaped beauty mark on her left cheek, long, shiny black hair with a pink flower While their skin complexions and facial structures differ noticeably, Isabela is the granddaughter closest like Alma and shares several of her physical characteristics.

#4. Isabela Encanto Dress

Isabela Encanto DressSource: Deviantart

After her transformation during "What Else Can I Do?", her dress is in various colors, with the main color dark blue, with matching flowers, and her hair has yellow, green, and blue streaks in it, with an orange flower replacing the previous pink blossom. The flowers on her dress and in her hair are cattleya triangular orchids, often known as "may lilies" or "may flowers." Toward the end of the film, her garment becomes lighter indigo, with the other hues persisting as splatters on the bottom, the tips of her hair are green and blue, and a vine glove-like accessory is added onto her right arm.

#5. Magic Powers

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Isabela possesses the Chlorokinesis power, which allows her to conjure and nurture flowers. She can also control plant life. Isabela used to only grow vines and gorgeous, symmetrical flowers like roses when she had to be perfect. However, after she began to be herself, she began experimenting with her talent and realized that she could grow other types of plants as well, such as cacti. She can even cultivate dyed copies of exotic plants. If you look attentively, you'll notice a purple-colored cactus. Isabela has considerable control over her gift since she can make any plant she desires simply by thinking about it.
Despite her complete control over her gift, her powers appear to be related to her emotions, and she can thus lose control of her power. Isabela is knowledgeable about many flowers and has some gardening skills.

#6. Isabela's Pressure

Isabela's PressureSource: Youtube

Due to the pressure of having to be the “perfect golden child”, Isabela grew up with the enormous pressure of having to meet the expectations of others and hid her insecurities. Isabela is graceful, and Mirabel describes her as "effortlessly perfect". Because of her looks and power to create beautiful plants. She is betrothed to a local man who is equally good-looking, Mariano Guzmán. And she also doesn't want to marry Mariano and in reality, she was only doing it to please people and her family.

#7. Mariano Guzmán

Mariano GuzmánSource: Reddit

Mariano was introduced as Isabela's attractive fiancée, living with his mother. It was revealed during the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" that Dolores always had affection for him. But couldn't disclose owing to his betrothal to Isabela (which was prophesized by Bruno). He was spotted gazing intently at Isabela as she began to make the flowers bloom.

It was the proposal supper after the song so he could propose to Isabela. But it was wrecked since Mirabel was trying to keep everyone from finding out about the cracks and Bruno's vision. Mariano ended up with a sore nose. When Mirabel attempted to converse with Isabela that she did not want to be perfect, but she also did not want to marry Mariano in the first place.

#8. Mirabel & Isabela's Relationship

Mirabel & Isabela's RelationshipSource: Tumblr

Mirabel has a somewhat difficult relationship with most of her family members. Isabela is always perceived as perfect, which is hurtful for Mirabel who is often seen as anything but. Growing up, neither sister had considered the others’ perspectives as they fixate on their problems, and that led to their rocky relationship at the beginning of Encanto. To make matters worse, she often got in the way of the perfection Isabela sought. During their first interaction in Encanto, Isabela tells Mirabel that she wouldn't be in the way so much if she stopped trying so hard.
With Mirabel's help, Isabela can finally show her true self. When she feels free from the restraint of familial expectations, she can grow new, different varieties of plants that spray different colors of powder. This brings the two sisters closer, which culminates in a hug (which fulfills Bruno's vision of the candle burning brighter to stop the cracks).

#9. The Validity Of Family

Encanto FamilySource: ICEGIF

Mirabel rallied the family to fix the house, and the entire town pitched in to thank the Madrigals for everything they had done for them. While helping to rebuild the Casita, Isabela remarks that it's like a dream when they work together and compliments Luisa's strength. When Luisa admits that she cries occasionally, Isabela and Mirabel comfort her by saying that they, too, cry. Isabela then says she needs sunlight and fertilizer, and she and her younger sisters plant new cacti, saying that they should plant something new and watch it grow.
Mirabel put a doorknob manufactured especially for her on the front door after the house was finished. It brought Casita back to life. The Madrigals then took a family photo to commemorate the return of their home and gifts, as Casita unexpectedly pushed the entire family closer together.
Isabela Madrigal was undoubtedly the most irritating character in Encanto, but was her strange conduct justified? Encanto, which reexamines Isabela's behavior, is now available on Disney+. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more, please click here for more details.

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