23 Cringey Online Dating Texts That Deserve A Hard No

Swipe right, swipe left, or “It’s a match!” Does it ring a bell to you? If not, then these are features from a popular online dating app called Tinder.
People have been using this app for many years, and they cannot deny its convenience. Plus, when it gets more difficult to date traditionally, dating online is a better option. However, chatting on a dating app like Tinder may lead to a great or terrible experience. There will always be a mix of funny and bizarre dating texts from strangers online. Sometimes, receiving these texts will irritate us and result in immediate unmatched.
That is why we have compiled these cringey dating texts that people have shared on the internet in this post below. These folks are hilarious examples of how poor online chat can result in blatant rejection. Keep scrolling down and reading along with us. Who knows, maybe after reading this post, you will discover some dating tips to keep yourself out of awkward situations. Let’s get started!

#1. Wow, try to sit on your butt with this burn!

Source: tindernightmares

#2. Exactly!

Source: tindernightmares

#3. Dang.

Source: tindernightmares

#4. All the ice in the world isn’t enough to soothe this.

Source: tindernightmares

#5. "Cute. They’re already finishing each other’s sentences."

Source: tindernightmares

#6. Imagine trying to sound smart to get hit with this:

Source: ForceEdge47

#7. Red flag detected:

Source: burk1to

#8. OP’s bio is in both English and Chinese where she clearly stated that she’s from China.

Dating TextsSource: Caliluxun

#9. Well.

Dating TextsSource: cookiesandbread

#10. This “nice” insult.

Dating TextsSource: zoemoore111

#11. This one with a silver lining.

Source: gloriamanygoats

#12. This “nice guy” who turned not-so-nice reeaal fast:

Dating TextsSource: pastelmemez

#13. This easy mistake:

Dating TextsSource: shannonh4e5e6ad3f

#14. Nothing like a warm greeting going up on a Tuesday.

Dating TextsSource: tindernightmares

#15. “Be more original”

Dating TextsSource: MrMeshter

#16. Aw, how sweet!

Dating TextsSource: tindernightmares

#17. This mispronunciation mishap:

Dating TextsSource: howiejriii

#18 “Super liked you”

Dating TextsSource: tindernightmares

#19. So… what’s an odp?

Dating TextsSource: jack_sparrowe

#20. “Too high for your standards”

Dating TextsSource: TimeSwift

#21 Who talks like that my dude?

Dating TextsSource: dinkleberggg

#22 "Hello, you’re not tall."

Dating TextsSource: juliaisnothere

#23 Girl, that’s a fruit.

Dating TextsSource: agentmario

#24 And finally, this very “straightforward” opener:

Dating TextsSource: reborndiajack

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