20 Times Shadows Around Us Added Unbelievable Twist To Real Life

Shadow is probably the only thing that stays by our side wherever we go and whatever we do. Even when your family and your best friends leave you alone, you still have the shadow right behind your back. Just like that, every single object has its own shade. You may not see them in the dark, but they always appear under the light. However, we take shades for granted most of the time since they seem too trivial to notice. You might think of shade as a place to wait out the heat, but it has more than that. If you often overlook this seemingly ordinary phenomenon, you have missed a fascinating part of life.
Have you ever heard of or seen shadow sculptures? Shadow art creates visual elements that express the author’s imagination and creativity through shadows. Many stunning works of art have been generated by talented sculptors who arrange and carve materials into a shape with mind-blowing shade. Interestingly, nature is also an artist that can produce unexpected artwork from shadows.
If a shadow pops up as a gray spot in your head, the 20 fascinating pics we’ve collected below will definitely change your mind. Apparently, in many cases, shadows managed to astound us with a funny, frightening, or lovely shape. Sometimes, you will likely be startled when noticing the shade of a cute sticker on a clinic’s door seems malicious. The shadow of an ordinary mug somehow turns out to be uncanny. Pay more attention to the shadows around you to add more fun to your life!
Scroll down to see how amazing these shadows are!

#1 The chick’s shadow turned him into Batman

Source: Galadriel89

#2 Lucky shadow looks like a drawing on a car

Source: DIMANz777

#3 Not the most flattering shadow

Source: cekes123

#4 Found Batman’s house

Source: k4m454k

#5 What shadows look like during a solar eclipse


#6 When in the shower you are Darth Vader

Source: Tsedik

#7 The guy proposed to the girl, and at that moment a heart appeared in their shadow

Source: Orion_91

#8 This mugs shadow makes a heart

Source: HortonHearsAQueue

#9 The shadow of this bath faucet looks like a sitting frog

Source: gotsweptunder

#10 The entity hiding in the glass

Source: NamesJames0933

#11 The shadows of this famous Bridge

Source: nug4t

#12 This iPhone doesn’t seem to exist.

Source: kuchka70

#13 This shadow looks like a robot rat with a gun

Source: serax_4

#14 Seals are even where they are not really there

Source: M0ZA1KA

#15 The shadow of this banana lokes like a women with long hair

Source: Stock-Airline3440

#16 That shadow is so spectacular

Source: Wamges

#17 This is not a fawn, but a dog!

Source: Wildwildworld

#18 When at the right angle your shadow looks like Darth Vader

Source: PenileDragon

#19 Created a monster

Source: Hellrider91

#20 The second personality of the doctor

Source: Totten111

Do you think these shades are incredible? Have you ever tried to play with shadows? Let’s give it a shot and share your work with us in the comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications of other intriguing posts!
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