20 Trees With Incredible Looks Making You Wonder If They Are Plotting Something

There are a lot of threats around the world now that you’d better avoid as much as you can. A stranger approaching you may conspire some bad plans to trick you, or the beggar on the street may turn out to be a fraud. If you are careless when crossing the road, you may be hit by a car, and you will likely be attacked when getting near a wild animal. Even your beloved pets may become dangerous if they are provoked, so you shouldn't let your guard off.
Among all the dangers lurking around us, trees seem to be one of the most harmless creatures. Who would be afraid of a tree? All the plants do is stand there, and they only become harmful if a hurricane makes them collapse. However, this is not always true. Though trees can’t attack or trick us, some can shock or even frighten us.
Have you ever seen a tree with multiple eyes staring at you? Or do you believe there’s a tree containing a baby asleep on the branches? What about a human-shaped tree? Maybe the tree with a mouth in cartoons is not a total product of imagination, because some trees are swallowing a road sign in reality. After all, some ethnics believe trees have their own souls just like humans and other species. You may think this belief is ridiculous, but your thought might change after seeing the pictures below.
Scroll down to see 20 photos showing that a tree is not a soulless creature.

#1 African tribe warrior

Source: D-Frost

#2 The Picture of Dorian Grey?

Source: SimpleMan204

#3 And what do we have here?

Source: SorenLantz

#4 Surveillance from all sides

Source: ZachByrdHimself

#5 An evil bun or the head of a mutant turtle? It doesn’t matter who it is, it still looks creepy

Source: Aztery

#6 There's a soul trapped in this tree.

Source: between3and20spaces

#7 The new character in the movie “Scream”

Source: Dee_2592

#8 The tree decided to turn its back on everyone

Source: Disastrous-Ring-4970

#9 The tree swallows the victim into its forest kingdom

Source: jessica_from_within

#10 Erupting humanoid face

Source: Dr_King_Schultz

#11 This tree kind of looks like a hand

Source: BeckyLiBei

#12 Someone lost a child

Source: rockcliffdesigns

#13 Bloodthirsty facial expression

Source: RedoftheEvilDead

#14 No hidden dissatisfaction

Source: The Royal Don

#15 Coconut tree grows into another coconut tree

Source: Powerful_Dog5562

#16 Undead tree

Source: Xept10n

#17 Eerily humanoid shapes on this tree

Source: ChrisPChicken04

#18 Sat down

Source: WayToTheGrave


Source: seriouspica

#20 Tree swallowing a sign

Source: Yionko

What do you think about the images above? Have you ever seen an unusual tree? Do you hold the view that each plant has its own soul? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below, and don't forget to subscribe to our website for more fascinating posts.
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